Saturday, September 1, 2007

U2 Window in the Skies new mix ver3

So, you all know how much I love U2 - LOVE! I think this is on of the most ingenious videos ever made PLUS this is like the happiest song. This and Beautiful Day are on my happy list.
Check back later today because I am posting about some great new earring from this awesome designer that you can order or buy here in Salt Lake. Plus, I need some opinions on something.
Have fun watching, try not to watch all day - look for the group in the audiences.


whitney said...

And I have to add, where else can you see a video with Kanye West (who U2 thinks is brilliant, I think he is slightly good and arrogant like crazy), Elvis, and Patti Smith? OH, and Flava Flave?

summer pickles said...

Oh, I LOVE this! Am a huge U2 fan, and had somehow missed seeing this! I often think that the rhyme is a bit too much in this, and that it is not as lyrically rich as U2's other songs... I wonder if Bono was starting from lyrics of classics and this limited his usual way of writing??? (I can see an evening of U2 researching ahead!) Thanks Whitney! xx
ps. Have to agree with you about Kanye's very healthy ego, but I still love him!