Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hi, my name is Whitney and I...

am a blog addict. It has been hard to say this out loud because the addiction came along so quickly. I just started out reading craft/artist blogs of those who I admired, this isn't too bad right? Then, my friend Linds told me about her's. From her's I went from blog to blog like some kind of easy reader. I thought it would be ok to start my own, I rationalized that it would keep our friends and families up to date. It began in June when I blogged about our baby's blessing. To be honest, I don't even think that they read it. Then I began using it as a crutch, to post about things I was interested in, crafters that I admire. Then about E and C, about my garden, about what I was creating, about what others were creating. It helped me get through the rough times, you know, like now, when I really don't have time or energy to express myself in my artwork or what I create. I have so many projects in mind, so many prepped and ready to go. I realize that in order to properly complete these projects I need more than just an hour here and there, a more substantial block of time is needed without interruption. (You know your addiction is bad when you are typing a post while holding a squirmy 5 month old, singing songs to distract him and typing with one hand - so I can still multi-task apparently!) Here is a picture of my projects that are ready to go, scarily slightly organized. Waiting patiently.

I like to be able to have a couple of things going at once - wifing, parenting, school mom, crafter, bookclubber, but to be honest this is the first time in my life, that I can remember, where I am unable to do more than 2 or 3 at a time. It's ok, this is what I ideally want - my husband and three kids, and this is what is more important. I just can't wait until I am up to juggling a little bit more. Right now, my only true extra curricular is my blogging, and reading other blogs.

A recap of Saturday. E had a soccer game, he did a lot better than last week, which is fun. Have a look at the action photo on the right. C struggled that morning to get ready, I struggled getting her ready. She insisted on wearing a certain dress that was in the dirty clothes. I kept telling her that it was dirty, she had worn it 3 days in a row (did I just admit that?) and the 4th was just too much. I finally let her put it one (we had to go out the door) and as soon as I got it one her she said "this is filthy, I can't wear it!". Are you kidding? So she chooses another dress that is getting a bit too short, but I put it one her and put on some shorts under it, struggling with her to do it. I admit I lost my temper. I put them on her without much gentleness. We get to the game and do any of you watch the Disney Channel? Daniel Cook? Well he played against us.

After a hurried day of running around to a baby shower, fabric shopping for a friend's blessing gown (it will be done in silk dupioni and be quite stunning), Dave having to do some maintenance at a rental we own (I don't suggest this investment), then running out to our friends' home to drop the kids off with their kids (one who is old enough to sit) and going to dinner. All in all a busy day, but I don't see this changing.
Check out J just staring at his dad at dinner, very endearing.


April said...

Well, you keep blogging and I'll keep reading!

Great shot of you and Caroline. Sorry about the dress- sounds like something my daughter would do.

Can't wait to see the blessing gown!

Through the Looking Glass said...

You'd better not quit - right now, my friends are dropping like flies in the blogging department. You have exposed me to so many great hings (Etsy, hello?) and I love hearing about your family. P.S. You look beautiful in that pic with Caroline.

Paige said...

Yeah I love that you are addicted. That is coming from one addict to another. I get so disappointed when people wait several days to post. Then I have to remind myself that some people have busy lives. I love that you update your posts and show me cute little crafts as well as your cutie pie kids. So don't stop. It is just another fun hobby. I however do far less crafty things now, cuz I would rather blog. But thats okay.

Kirsty said...

That photo of Joseph adoring his daddy is just so sweet. It is addictive!!!

Josie said...

W - I feel responsible for your blog addiction, and I am so glad!!! You are the best blogger and it's such a fun way to keep in touch even though we don't get to see you as much as we'd like. Your kids are beautiful, your husband is handsome, your talents are amazing - I love your blog!

whitney said...

April, thanks for reading.
Amanda, I can't quit, that is the "problem". As long as you keep writing amazing posts I will write my frivolous ones.
Paige and Linds, I blame you. Dealers to my addiction, both of you.

modmom said...

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