Monday, September 10, 2007

Things I am eyeing this week...

I went a week without doing this post, who knew Kindergarten was so brutal on moms. So, I have had this post planned for a couple of weeks and C has helped me, really. I would open the store up and she would choose and comment. I will do my best to convey her meaning.

At girl savage's shop, she has made the most interesting animals. C chose this Mossy Fawn, I think because she was wearing a blue ribbon also on this day. I love the way that she constructs her animals, and the hand-stitching is beautiful.

Vivika has lots of fun characters in her collection. C really like Mr. Triangle but I really like Miss Lilli and the two men in her life, Mohawk Boy and Office Guy. On one hand, she loves the wild and offbeat lifestyle of Mo, his spontaniety. But Office Guy, he is stable, has a practical if not a little too straight-laced 10 year plan. And he has a really good insurance plan. How will she choose? And will it be too late?

I like to think that Lilli and the guy she chooses will ride off into the sunset on this elephant built for two from Details: for your space. This little shop has a lot to offer, from magnets to jewelry to great plushies.

We have a thing for hippos at our house so it didn't surprise me when C picked out this one. Skullknockers has created some awesome animals using naugahyde, walnuts and love. I have to agree with C, this hippo is pink and green.

Wapita states that she is happiness, sweetness and optimism. I love how peaceful this little doll is. Her store is bright, colorful and fun. Have a look.

Handmade Pretties shop has always been one of my favorites, but when I saw this plushie and the description I had to include it. This one was not chosen by C. Here is the description: What started out as a failed coaster experiment mysteriously formed into a fertility mascot. Myrtle may not raise sperm counts, but she'll be there to cheer you on! She's a real team player and just loves rooting for the underdog...Perfect for TTC's out there everywhere (if you are asking yourself what TTC stands for, maybe you don't need Myrtle). Myrtle is OBVIOUSLY a female sperm. If you are interested in her brother Yertle, send me a convo, and I'll work faster to get him all ready.

I don't know what a TTC is, I hope it is something that can be posted on this child-oriented post of mine!

I love all the animals in Tiny Warbler's shop, I love the crispness to them, if such a thing exists in a plushie. Apparently I am digging elephants today. C likes his dotty ears.

I could post more and more but I have to get to bed. I am volunteering in E's class tomorrow. I am so nervous, it is like my first day of school!


Paige said...

Whit I love that Caroline got to pick out these cute cute things. I love the elephant. That picture of her in the last post is so sweet. I love how she is so cuddly. I need her...

Kirsty said...

TTC is Trying To Conceive. I love this post.