Friday, September 14, 2007

Flashback Friday!

and a little catch-up.

This week the theme is "Say Cheese". So here is the cheesiest that I could find, the is early 1980. In our basement we had a built in bench that was really deep. It had a top on and I had put a table on top of it (similar to a card table, but smaller and didn't fold up) and was playing up there and had somehow fallen off. I can remember going to the hospital and having them put a cast on my arm. When we got home, Tina, our next door neighbor, was rocking Joe, who was a couple of months old, in the living room. I think it must have been late, my brother Sam was in bed, so was Chuck I guess. It turns out Sam was so mad at the table for breaking my arm, he broke the legs off of it. That is a chivalrous brother for you.

This week Caroline started pre-school. This will be the first of three years of pre-school. She loves to be doing something all the time and this school focuses on art so it will be perfect for her. She is so excited, she can go to school like Eli.

Last night we went to the State Fair. We have gone every year since Eli was born, we don't have many traditions so this would be one. We went around 3 so it wasn't too crowded. Eli loves to ride the rides, so he and I got the unlimited passes. Then Caroline decided she wanted to ride just as many, so another unlimited pass for her. We went on the Carousel (Caroline wouldn't let me stand near here, which was scary because there weren't little seatbelt-y restraints to keep kids on the horse, she said "Get out of here! in her little bossy voice), some speedy track ones, cars, hot air balloon ride, Caroline rode a real pony twice, both times saying "Get out of here!" to my mom, a couple of fun houses, leaving my kids with major noggin dents from all the mirrors, the favorite was probably this slide. You climb about 200 stairs to the top and ride a feed sack down. Eli can do it on his own and did over and over, on his tummy, sideways, all sorts of crazy positions. Caroline is supposed to ride with an adult but wouldn't so we would pretend to send her down and then jump on at the last minute. It was a lot of fun.

I wanted to take a picture of all the Fair Hair, but I felt stupid sneaking pics of the hair on all these gals and guys. I'm sure all of them thought my hair was boring, who knows. I did get one pic, you can only see the back but imagine the front of the hair looking like a nice, smooth, full fountain. And the Navy Band played a bunch of covers. The pigs still stink, the cows moo, the sheep were great and we couldn't find the goats (our favorite).

Here is Caroline, channeling a little Flashdance.

We rode one ride that is a fire truck that takes you up and down, here we are at the top and here is Dave on the ground.

Can you see how filthy E's hands are? We washed them all the time, it was so dirty. Thank goodness for antibiotic gel, wipes and the freestanding sinks with soap that the fair so graciously provided.

Joey had a great time too!


Molly said...

The fair sounds so fun! We've never been in Utah...only Indiana while we were living there. Too bad my kids have a party pooper for a mom...I can't seem to get the courage to take my whole crew! Yikes. Maybe next year... :) Cute pics of your kids!

Tim, Crista and Addy said...

Miss Whitney!! I just stumbled across your blog and as I read through it, I'm totally missing Utah and the fair! Your kids are dang cute! I see your mom when I come home but never you, hope you are good! Keep in touch if you have time! Crista Axenty-Dennis

Through the Looking Glass said...

Oh, the Fair. Isn't it really a fascinating demographical slideshow of Utah living? The great equalizers are the love of funnel cake, the fascination we all have with touching the farm animals, and ooohing and aaahing at the Fair Girls - there's nothin like 'em! YOur family looks a little highbrow for the the Fair...

Paige said...

I love that you can get your hand and a rose dipped in wax. ha ha. I do actually have one as a joke, but the fair is full of useless stuff like that. Anyway..Could Caroline's preschool outfit be any cuter? Any Joey is getting so big.

Corrie said...

cute I think caroline looks like you in those photos! adorable!!!!