Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things I am eyeing this week

Finally, I am getting to my favorite searching of the week. I really don't have an "eye" for art, I like what I like. So here are some of my favorite digital prints, prints of an original painting and silk screen prints on Etsy (but not limited to just the ones I choose, I could go on and on...).

I thought this one was only appropriate, given the title. Elsita was one of the Featured Sellers on Etsy's front page a while ago and I was in love with her prints well before that. Go to her shop and read her profile - very uplifting story, I love what she says her mom always told her and her siblings, smart lady. AND I love all of her prints, and oddly enough this one was listed yesterday.

At Strawberry Luna's shop it is hard for me to decide what alphabet print I love most. I saw the H first, and since we are an H family and my son has been obsessed with hippos since he was one, this is the one I will choose. I could have easily have chosen S, A, W....

The Black Apple is one of the most successful sellers on Etsy, so obviously she is well liked. I like her paintings as well, but when I was looking through them last week I saw this print of an original and thought is was perfect, big eyes and sugar - that is my Girly. If you need to bribe her with anything all the toys in the world wouldn't work because all she wants is sugar, usually chocolate. And whenever she wants something and she turns on the charm I say she is "sugaring me up".

Everyone knows that I ADORE belle and boo, I hope to own many of Mandy's prints (I call her Mandy because when I received one of my prints from her, she sent such a lovely note, was so kind and personable, that I decided we were friends, if only in my mind) and so far have one in Caroline's room. The print I am showing you today is so beautiful and may be familiar to some of you. Some of my friends that read my blog also have links to Ava Florence-Beth Rosemeyer or Sheye Rosemeyer and Mandy did a series in honor of Ava with a donation from each purchase going to the hospital in Brisbane that cared for Ava. How beautiful is that? This series is a bit different from her usual characters but still just as amazing. Love, love, love this shop.

I have always liked Foxy and Winston's screen printed clothing but really love her screen printed wall art. The colors are bold, the silhouettes are crisp and they have a a fun feel to them. I like how she draws from nature and I love to see how she translates the image into her art. I wonder where the name comes from.

John W. Golden has many different collections in his shop. I like all his animals, really like his Enlightened Fireflies, but his signs by order of the management are my favorite. I read his profile and want to be in his studio as he creates. I would love to see the process. He states that this series was done because there are always those phrases that parents say to children that adults need to be reminded of also. I agree. This one is the one D would get for me. I'll admit it. Please go and look at all the other art in his shop.
Ok, I could find more and more. These were all already marked in my favorites and I still could do many more. I need to go looking for more that catch my eye, but not tonight.


belleandboo said...

Thank you so much for featuring one of my Ava prints and your beautiful words, you've put a big smile on my face this evening

Paige said...

I love the Ava prints so much. I feel so attached to Sheye and Ava and have never met them. But I love their story and I love the pictures. I also love the picture of Caroline and the bowl of sugar. She has the cutest eyes ever.