Sunday, September 9, 2007

What I am grateful for today...

I find that I spend too much time rushing around, picking up, rushing around, that I don't stop and just breathe. So, I am thinking out loud here.

I am grateful for:

Silence - not pure silence, but the kind that is without cartoons, football, Sportscenter in the background.

My husband - Some people have called him my Manny, they are wrong. He is not hired to be the kind of father he is, no one could afford the salary of such a professional dad and husband. He is too good at his job. He plays with the kids, he is always willing to walk around the block, jump on the trampoline, he puts Joey in the Baby Bjorn so they can hang out and water the lawn. He is a good teacher, patient and encouraging. He loves me in spite of myself. He lets me take naps. He changes diapers, not because I ask him, but because he is that kind of husband and father. (He just saw the pic I have of him on here and is disappointed with how he is aging, so let me add that he is aging WELL, he is one good-looking, aging man! I hope this makes him feel better.)

Naps - mine and the kids'. J is a great child, but doesn't sleep in large groups of hours. Needless to say, R.E.M sleep isn't coming to often these days, so the two hour nap I had today was AMAZING!

E kicking the soccer ball with me tonight, even though I accidentally kicked it right into his face and gave him a bloody nose. Yeah, I felt awful. I don't spend enough time with him, and when I do, I bloody his nose. If it is any consolation, it was a small one. He had his first game yesterday, I think he is just trying to hang back and be the dark horse. My dad can't come to anymore games until he realizes that E is 5, this is his first soccer experience and we are spectators. I am also grateful my dad came to the game! After the game, E went to give C his juice box and cookie. I'll have to keep this in mind when they are needling each other.

C - she makes you feel like it has been months since she saw you last, running up and hugging you or just rubbing her forehead on you. E pretty much does the same thing. And she loves dresses, which makes it fun to get her dressed.

Of course, J. He is such a smiler. He looks at all of us like we are the greatest family on Earth. And he is loving baths finally, even though you can't tell from this pic, but look how clear the water looks, good camera.

Our neighbors. The kids spent Friday night with some of the older kids playing between our yard and our backdoor neighbor's. They were having so much fun and the other parents look out for our kids as much as we do. We have great schools, fun families, people we can learn from and people who love our kids, and we love theirs, all within a couple blocks of our house.

D's sister and her family moving here. They will be here in about a week and it will be so fun to have them nearer to us.

My blog. It is a funny thing, I have re-connected with old friends, strengthened other friendships, met new friends, it is an outlet and a way for people to connect with us. I won't dwell too much on how addicting blog-hopping is though.

On the whole, I am pretty lucky. I'll just re-read this post tomorrow when I am rushing around again to remind me.


Kirsty said...

This is a lovely post. I had sensational neighbours when I was growing up - it was a great childhood.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Here, here. You are blessed.

Emily said...

Whitney, your kids are so darling. I love that Eli shared his juice box! So cute.

Josie said...

Sweet sweet post Whit - you are such a darling family and I love that you know how blessed you are. I love you and Dave together - so perfect for each other. I am a walking germ right now with an awful cold, but can I see you as soon as I'm not contagious? I want to come over and see cute you and burn some of Joe's cds.

Jenny said...

So lovely to read about a family on the other side of the world and realise the things that make us happy are so similar. Lovely post - made me think about my wonderful life.