Friday, October 31, 2008

Come to my house he he he he

That is what Eli has put on a bunch of jack-o-lantern pictures that are decorating our house. I'll have to scan them in, I love them.

Joe is our little bat. He actually keeps the costume on quite well, my two oldest would never wear a hood that long. We went to Eli's school parade today and I had to refer to Joe as the Rabid Bat - he was not content anywhere and darted from end to end.

Caroline could not decide what to be. We would look at sites and she would choose about 15 different costumes each time so we finally decided on a Little Mermaid costume. But when it got here, she told me she would only wear it around the house. So, we went to the fabric store, found the wings and made a costume around them. She is a Butterfly Princess Fairy. After wearing her costume to a few different parties, she let me know that she no longer wanted to be a Butterfly Princess Fairy, but wanted to be a ghost, with a sheet. I told her she could be a Butterfly Princess Fairy Ghost. Does anyone know how to make tulle skirts that don't go all shaggy and crazy after a couple wears?

Eli knew from the beginning what he wanted to be, and unlike last year, we could order the exact costume and not have to worry about making it. Ash, the Pokemon Trainer. The hard part was trying to find Pikachu, one that was the right size to sit on his hat or shoulder. Eli is quite pleased with his costume. One of his friends was a pokemon, which is kind of funny.

I'm glad Halloween in on a Friday this year, can't wait until trick or treating tonight. My neighbor just called, Eli has been knocking on the front door about one thousand times! I forgot what time it is. Have to run up and let him in.

Can anyone guess who this reminds me of? Add a wife beater on him.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

Let me first say, Joey is a tyrant! Seriously, if I am not holding this little, long-lashed boy he is crying, yelling, grabbing my legs. But when I pick him up he is wonderfully calm. This is the reason why I haven't read any one's blogs lately, or written on my own. When he is napping, I am washing floors and being all domestic - I know, it is my job, but sometimes... Ok, done. And thanks Mom for coming out for hours today so you could hold him or be yelled at.

Tomorrow is Halloween, did you know? Look for pics of the cute costumes. Also, guess who turns 4 on Monday! Yes, the sweet pea of the world, Caroline. Kind of teary.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming.

If any thing can make me want to cozy up and go outside, it would be this collar by flutter. I think it is romantic and feminine and lovely.

I lost an earring today!!! You know, one of those studs that you will never find it anywhere because it could be a million different places? So sad, but my ears would be happy once again and I would never lost these earrings from Isabel Studio. Delightful cuffs, quilts, brooches, earrings, have a look.

I didn't realize I was loving jewelry so much today. Look at this Cupped Flower Ring by Good with Bad Habits. The rings and earrings in this shop are so fun to look at and wear, what do you think?

I wear my hair nearly the same way every day. I am growing out my bangs so I pull them back every day, wouldn't they look cute with this bobby pin pulling it back? Foundling reuses and repurposes found items. I like how she does it.

My heart is pounding in awe of these porcelain beauties by Lois Aronow. I don't even know what to say, just look, look some more, look again and then buy some for me. Oh my gosh, so beautiful.

Maria Cavallero has some colors in her jewelry that make my mouth water. I love how she has made her jewelry out of something so simple but so unique.

And I have been dreaming about about his artist for two weeks now. In between Joey's lovely tenacious lovings, I go down and look at this shop. The headbands are glorious. I really want to be able to wear one, I might have to live vicariously through, say, Paige (this would look so perfect on you). I love the earrings, I love the lines in the headbands, I love the colors used, I love the cut and form. The shop name is perfect, The Candy Thief. Candy candy candy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I voted early, today! I'm done. I am not reading one more political email, no more cnn or fox news, no more poll-watching, no more newspaper analysts - I am taking a break for 10 days. Is that un-patriotic? You can check your county website for early polling locations. *SIGH*

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I think my favorite part of carving pumpkins is roasting the seeds. I gutted a few today for the kids to carve tonight, we'll do more another night. But the seeds I toasted are delish.

Joey was pretending that his bananas are phones. It was quite funny to watch him. He knew he was being silly, which made it even funnier. The bananas were mush after all the fun and games.

I am working on Caroline's costume. She was going to be this (it has been delivered and everything) - and has decided that she absolutely will not wear this to trick or treat, but will wear it around the house.

and of course, I am doing what I should have done in the first place, making it. A totally different costume.

And, totally off subject, do you remember the kids that got awards at the end of the year for never missing a day of school? Do you think they were the ones that were making the rest of us sick?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Really? You really just said that?

This is what I was thinking yesterday while I was at the Utah football game. I took Eli with me, it was a lot of fun to go and be with my dad, see some old friends, cheer on the game. But every now and then I would think, "Really? You just said that? In front of me, my 6 year old son and that 3 year old kid and that octogenarian?" We have some people who sit behind us and in the most reasonable of tones, not even in the heat of the moment, use language that is about 10 notches above appropriate for general audiences. I realize that the old four letter words are worn out and have no shock value but it bugs me that the new and improved "four letter words" are so acceptable. Use them when you are with adult company, or at your own football game that you are playing in, or out at sea, but please don't use them when anyone under the age of 18 is around. I don't need NC-17 at a family affair. I realize things get heated, there were some great plays and some bad calls, but serious party foul on the dumba**, I mean idiot, behind me.

While I am talking about the game, we are there as fans. Fans buy the tickets to cheer on their team. We happen to sit right behind where the opposing team stands on the sidelines, we can see them spit, we can read their lips, we can hear their coaches go postal on them. But what irritates me more is the guy who yells completely idiotic things at some players and then looks around for every one's approval. It was funny maybe the first time, but quit while you are ahead. It doesn't bother me so much when a player screws up and they are jeering him but when they are just saying things, making fun of their appearance, talking about their mama - I can't stand it. There was one such fan yesterday. He would just pick on the players. He would pick on the ones that weren't getting any playing time. He would pick on those that were a little less fortunate in the good looks department, he would pick on those who tied their shoes with bunny ears instead of a loop-de-loop. On and on and on. Jeering, then looking around for approval. So annoying.

In college, while sitting in the student section, I kind of flipped out at one guy. I can still see his face but don't remember his name. The whole game he kept on him, making comments about his face, his brother, his sister, his mama, his knee caps. He was so obnoxious, you couldn't watch the game. I finally turned around and was a jerk, I admit. I told him to shut it. Let us watch the game. We are there as fans. Fans come to the game to cheer on their team and I can understand some painless attacks on opposing players but this had gotten out of hand. For one, he obviously can play ball, which was more than I could say for this boy with an unfortunate physique (I didn't say that about his physique, I was a jerk, but less jerky), he was better than most college kids who couldn't buy a place on the team, would he please concentrate on what our team was doing right and less on coming up with ridiculous taunts and meanness. Then I stepped off my high horse and only felt bad about it for a minute.

I guess the reason it all bugs me, the bad sportsmanship, is because I have kids (obviously not in college but maybe it was a maternal twinge escaping). I want them to grow up learning to play hard, work hard and cheer hard. But there really is no room for blatant disrespect in sports. And unfortunately, I think it spills over into everyday life. I think that is the part that really gets to me. I am by now means the poster child for courteous behavior, I have said my fair share of things that I shouldn't have, but I wish good manners would make a huge comeback. Ok, I'm stepping off the box now.
By Order of the Management posters by john w. golden available here

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've never...

You know that game "I've Never" ? One version was you would take a drink if you had done the thing that the person says. I've only played the cleaner, sisterhood building version, but you get the point. My version is being obliterated by me, called I'll Never:

I remember making mental notes as I watched people with children. I was a fool.

I'll never let my kids jump on the furniture, so barbaric. Yeah, my house is full of barbarians.

I'll never let my kid go out with a mucus crusted nose. I didn't know that you really can't help it when the dam breaks. Joey is sporting one right this minute.

I'll never let my children watch more T.V. than is suggested by the experts. We passed that about 44,567,003 minutes ago. Make that 44,567,004 minutes. Yeah, mush for brains, my kids.

I'll never let my daughter walk around with feathers on her head.
Obviously, joking, Dave took this pic and I thought it was very cute. Although, I won't be joking if she wears feathers on her head because it is part of her Vegas showgirl act. And really, what is a post without a picture of Caroline?

I'll never let them eat candy all day long. Now I am not saying that I do let theme engorge their bellies with sugar all day, but moderation in all things. I am actually pretty good at this. And I am pretty sure that their Oma thinks treats can be incorporated into a food group, depending on the candy.

I'll never let my kids play with toy weapons. I was serious about this. In fact, we have maybe one toy gun in the house and it looks like some space-age flame thrower (he got it for his birthday and I think I have successfully lost it now). But really, the 5 boys that live behind us have swords galore and it just kind of happened around age four. Joey is starting early. I have mixed emotions about this still.

I am sure there are many more. I'm sure I am not the only parent who has eaten their words on this. There is one that I have stuck to though. Have you ever been at a restaurant and seen the parent giving their baby or toddler sips from their alcoholic beverage? This the is the "I'll never..." I have stuck with. I hear it is worse for developing brains than too much t.v.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christmas Trees and Easter Eggs

This morning Caroline saw the snow out the window and asked me if we could put up our Christmas tree and make some Easter eggs. That would be an improvement on our decor, I just am barely putting up Halloween. Yes, I am that kind of mom.

After the request for the tree and eggs, Eli woke up and Caroline grabbed him by the shoulders, took him over to the window and showed him the very special snow. She is very sincere and thinks everything is something spectacular. She followed the show up with the important statement, "This means Santa will be here ANY MINUTE!!!" Then she put on her rain boots and snow coat so that she could go out and make snowballs.

I can see the seasonal confusion. Last week we were in sundresses. This is us playing in the backyard. Joey loves the little tyke cars we have in the back. Here he is under attack from Carozilla.

Here Caroline is singing me a song about gardening gloves. Who are these people that can take their own picture and actually look good?

The blur? We are now under attack from Joezilla. Remember how I mentioned that he loves to sit on me and wrestle?


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

while sitting at the airport, our flight delayed.

We have been to Dave's twenty year reunion this weekend. Just us, no kids, and 100 of his closest pals. It was a lot of fun, good people watching and good weather. He is asleep next to me, comfortable in the seats at our gate. Here are some things I would love to have right now, all courtesy of Etsians.

This The Techtherapy Wrap from moocow looks especially cozy and warm. I have been cold this whole trip. I think it is the air conditioning with the humidity that is getting me. But I am cold right this minute and want this on! Look at the cowls in this shop - winter is upon us.

Did I mention I was cold? My toes. Totally my fault since the only time this summer I have worn anything but flip flops and sandals is when I am working out. So I would love to be wearing these felted slippers from Naturally Felt. Totally appropriate color, too.

New Duds has some great fashionable items in it. For my situation today, I really need this travel pillow that pretends to be a snail. Their bags and t-shirts are cool, too.

If I were a sweet-eating girl, this would be what I would eat while waiting for my flight. I don't think I would share. And, they are located in the state into which we are headed, even better. Have a look at what else Double Dipped Sweets has to offer. Good neighbor gifts and teacher treats.

This kids aren't with us, but if they were, I would love to have one of these bags for the kids from Tika Kids. Crayons fit on the outside and games, magnet boards, coloring books can fit in the bag.

I ate a crawfish omelet yesterday morning at our hotel and wasn't hungry again until 7pm - so nice. But after the same breakfast today I am starving, luckily we scored some food vouchers (I think because I complimented the ticket agent on her very pretty, very real nails. They were really healthy and long, very pretty. Thank you for the food vouchers!) So Dave and I are off - it is kind of weird to have him watch me blog - to get some luncher or lunner, or dincher. I hope they have those warming lamps that you can use for food, I am going to sit as close to those as I can - or ask to sit by the stove.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is Dave's birthday. A couple of year ago, when he was turning 37, this was our discussion:

Dave- "I'm turning 38."
Me - "No, you are turning 37."
Dave - "No, 38."

and then he did the math. He was so excited that he was turning 37, he thought he had been 37 the whole last year! Not many of us get one year back.

He's been gone this week and now I know how the other mom's live. I am used to having him home to talk to, to help, to hug (infrequently I'll admit, I am not a hugger, which makes it all the more special, I'm sure he is rolling his big, brown eyes). I have missed having his support, not only with the physical aspect of parenting - the lifting, the getting from place to place, the helping - but with the emotional support he provides. The kids miss him. I know a lot of houses where the dad is kind of arm candy, but this guy is an integral part of the works of this family. 2 people can be in 2 different places at once, I can't be. Sometimes, he trumps me as a parent, but I will only admit that once, since he is nearing 40. He is the picture to my frame, the headphones to my iPod, the spoon to my red mango, the chicken nuggets to my lunchtime, the conditioner to my shampoo, the tick-tock to my clock, the wheels to my razor scooter. Get it?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


bee skeps photo found here

I think you could think of any one area and totally generalize it or its population. Texas = cowboys. Not true, my husband only started listening to country and wearing large belt buckles since moving to the Beehive State. New Jersey = big hair and people who pop their gum. My friend Lindsey does neither, although she has only lived there for about 1 year, so maybe in time. Seattle = coffee and tree-hugging liberals. This might be true. My niece, who is 5, wants to vote for Hillary, sadly no longer in the race, but if you listen to some talk she might be soon. But I don't think she drinks coffee, but she does talk to trees, and a chicken named Strawberry, but they talk back.

In any case, I think all states can be misunderstood. I live in Utah. I only have known one polygamist, in high school, and he was the child of a polygamist - at least that was the story. I can't remember his name, but it started with a G. There are a lot of Mormons, no doubt. But, not everyone is, and most the people who live here like the values of the community, the ideals, the abundance of outdoor activities, the family centric-ness (or is it family-centricness? familycentricity?), the good Diet Coke. It's true that there isn't a lot of cultural diversity, but there is a lot more than you think. And from what I understand, the majority of us a pretty tolerant. No, really. Doesn't mean we are without opinions, but we can be tolerant.

What I like about being in this state, just to name a few:

1. The seasons. I may not like them all equally, but you don't get bored too often and the changes are beautiful.
2. People. I love that most days, I run into some random person I know in some random place. Not just a neighbor in my supermarket, but my kindergarten teacher in another city. Or passing by friendly faces as I drive across town. Or an old college friend. Or one of my best friends. You can connect the dots with the 6 degrees of seperation with just about anyone you meet.
3. Familiar landmarks. I walked across the
U campus this Saturday and fall just gets me. It brings back floods of memories - running to class, living in the sorority house, how beautiful and safe it feels, the smell of fall and football. Trudging through snow was not my favorite but then you had Spring and it was all worth it. I guess I should say the education was great, it was, but like I have said before, time at a university is about more than just academics.
4. The endless outdoor options. I admit, I am not outdoorsy. I like the outdoors, but I am not a fanatic. But I have options. Like
here , here , here, and of course the canyons that have lots of camping, skiing, hiking, places to sit and places to do nothing. It is all so pretty. And you don't have to drive too far to get to any of them.
5. My neighborhood and its neighboring hoods.
6. Family. This is where I am from. I have lots here.
7. Friends. I have good ones.

I am sure there are an abundance of reasons I could come up with, but this just struck me.