Friday, October 31, 2008

Come to my house he he he he

That is what Eli has put on a bunch of jack-o-lantern pictures that are decorating our house. I'll have to scan them in, I love them.

Joe is our little bat. He actually keeps the costume on quite well, my two oldest would never wear a hood that long. We went to Eli's school parade today and I had to refer to Joe as the Rabid Bat - he was not content anywhere and darted from end to end.

Caroline could not decide what to be. We would look at sites and she would choose about 15 different costumes each time so we finally decided on a Little Mermaid costume. But when it got here, she told me she would only wear it around the house. So, we went to the fabric store, found the wings and made a costume around them. She is a Butterfly Princess Fairy. After wearing her costume to a few different parties, she let me know that she no longer wanted to be a Butterfly Princess Fairy, but wanted to be a ghost, with a sheet. I told her she could be a Butterfly Princess Fairy Ghost. Does anyone know how to make tulle skirts that don't go all shaggy and crazy after a couple wears?

Eli knew from the beginning what he wanted to be, and unlike last year, we could order the exact costume and not have to worry about making it. Ash, the Pokemon Trainer. The hard part was trying to find Pikachu, one that was the right size to sit on his hat or shoulder. Eli is quite pleased with his costume. One of his friends was a pokemon, which is kind of funny.

I'm glad Halloween in on a Friday this year, can't wait until trick or treating tonight. My neighbor just called, Eli has been knocking on the front door about one thousand times! I forgot what time it is. Have to run up and let him in.

Can anyone guess who this reminds me of? Add a wife beater on him.


Molly said...

such cute kids and seriously amazing costumes. I shamefully have my children raid the dress up bin just days (hours?) before Halloween. They don't mind a bit so I don't either! :) Hope you had a fun night!

Kenny said...

Awesome costumes!!! The creativity cannot be matched!

Paige said...

Oh how I love you Caroline. You are perfection.