Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is Dave's birthday. A couple of year ago, when he was turning 37, this was our discussion:

Dave- "I'm turning 38."
Me - "No, you are turning 37."
Dave - "No, 38."

and then he did the math. He was so excited that he was turning 37, he thought he had been 37 the whole last year! Not many of us get one year back.

He's been gone this week and now I know how the other mom's live. I am used to having him home to talk to, to help, to hug (infrequently I'll admit, I am not a hugger, which makes it all the more special, I'm sure he is rolling his big, brown eyes). I have missed having his support, not only with the physical aspect of parenting - the lifting, the getting from place to place, the helping - but with the emotional support he provides. The kids miss him. I know a lot of houses where the dad is kind of arm candy, but this guy is an integral part of the works of this family. 2 people can be in 2 different places at once, I can't be. Sometimes, he trumps me as a parent, but I will only admit that once, since he is nearing 40. He is the picture to my frame, the headphones to my iPod, the spoon to my red mango, the chicken nuggets to my lunchtime, the conditioner to my shampoo, the tick-tock to my clock, the wheels to my razor scooter. Get it?


the merriest said...

ummm, you said your blog sucked. DORK! it's so great. you write great. you think cool things. it's totally interesting. remind me to kick you next time i see you.

and happy birthday dave!

Through the Looking Glass said...

I've been gone for a few days, but I'm so glad I returned to find this special post on a special day. Tell Dave he looks a year younger to me.

What a great man, what a stellar partnership; that is my ideal marriage. One where the two parts compliment each other and together are greater than their sum.

Josie said...

You and Dave really are two peas in one pod - so sweet. I had to do a double-take at that pic - I thought it was Joe's 8th grade school pic! It seriously looked like him. Same hair minus the sweet wave dave's got goin...nice!

Josie said...

PS: October 2nd is my dad's b-day too! sweet day!
PPS: Maybe not 8th grade...maybe 9th or 10th?