Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've never...

You know that game "I've Never" ? One version was you would take a drink if you had done the thing that the person says. I've only played the cleaner, sisterhood building version, but you get the point. My version is being obliterated by me, called I'll Never:

I remember making mental notes as I watched people with children. I was a fool.

I'll never let my kids jump on the furniture, so barbaric. Yeah, my house is full of barbarians.

I'll never let my kid go out with a mucus crusted nose. I didn't know that you really can't help it when the dam breaks. Joey is sporting one right this minute.

I'll never let my children watch more T.V. than is suggested by the experts. We passed that about 44,567,003 minutes ago. Make that 44,567,004 minutes. Yeah, mush for brains, my kids.

I'll never let my daughter walk around with feathers on her head.
Obviously, joking, Dave took this pic and I thought it was very cute. Although, I won't be joking if she wears feathers on her head because it is part of her Vegas showgirl act. And really, what is a post without a picture of Caroline?

I'll never let them eat candy all day long. Now I am not saying that I do let theme engorge their bellies with sugar all day, but moderation in all things. I am actually pretty good at this. And I am pretty sure that their Oma thinks treats can be incorporated into a food group, depending on the candy.

I'll never let my kids play with toy weapons. I was serious about this. In fact, we have maybe one toy gun in the house and it looks like some space-age flame thrower (he got it for his birthday and I think I have successfully lost it now). But really, the 5 boys that live behind us have swords galore and it just kind of happened around age four. Joey is starting early. I have mixed emotions about this still.

I am sure there are many more. I'm sure I am not the only parent who has eaten their words on this. There is one that I have stuck to though. Have you ever been at a restaurant and seen the parent giving their baby or toddler sips from their alcoholic beverage? This the is the "I'll never..." I have stuck with. I hear it is worse for developing brains than too much t.v.


Hogans said...

I can so relate! Your kids are darling. You can come to my house we have every sword in the book. Including the "sabusaw" sword from Naruto (which is an adult cartoon show!) The kids love to go shopping with Daddy!!

Meghan said...

with the exception of the feather head - i had and have broken all of those rules too (we still don't allow feathers on our childrens heads - no utes will live in my house). i also still struggle with the toy weapon one. what can you do?
and what about "i'll never let my kid throw a fit in the store... much less ignore them while they are doing it". yeah, never done that...

Paige said...

I love the feather head. That's my girl. And your right, no post is complete without a pic of my Caroline. What does she do in the winter? Where dresses still but tights everyday?

katie t said...

oh yes...i have my own list of "i will nevers" but most of them i've taken back now that i've seen the light.
i get a kick out of hearing my siblings make a comment about what they'll do or won't do when they don't even have kids yet...and yes...now that they do they've also eaten their words and now "get it" and secretly i'm laughing :) hee hee hee

Jessie Anne said...

I am certain that I dropped that little weapon in your house back in June -was it me? Sorry. This was actually not a rule but we just never had a gun and then all of a sudden when E was about 18 mos. he started turning anything he touched into a gun so I just gave up and we have a full on army's worth of every kind of weapon!