Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

Let me first say, Joey is a tyrant! Seriously, if I am not holding this little, long-lashed boy he is crying, yelling, grabbing my legs. But when I pick him up he is wonderfully calm. This is the reason why I haven't read any one's blogs lately, or written on my own. When he is napping, I am washing floors and being all domestic - I know, it is my job, but sometimes... Ok, done. And thanks Mom for coming out for hours today so you could hold him or be yelled at.

Tomorrow is Halloween, did you know? Look for pics of the cute costumes. Also, guess who turns 4 on Monday! Yes, the sweet pea of the world, Caroline. Kind of teary.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming.

If any thing can make me want to cozy up and go outside, it would be this collar by flutter. I think it is romantic and feminine and lovely.

I lost an earring today!!! You know, one of those studs that you will never find it anywhere because it could be a million different places? So sad, but my ears would be happy once again and I would never lost these earrings from Isabel Studio. Delightful cuffs, quilts, brooches, earrings, have a look.

I didn't realize I was loving jewelry so much today. Look at this Cupped Flower Ring by Good with Bad Habits. The rings and earrings in this shop are so fun to look at and wear, what do you think?

I wear my hair nearly the same way every day. I am growing out my bangs so I pull them back every day, wouldn't they look cute with this bobby pin pulling it back? Foundling reuses and repurposes found items. I like how she does it.

My heart is pounding in awe of these porcelain beauties by Lois Aronow. I don't even know what to say, just look, look some more, look again and then buy some for me. Oh my gosh, so beautiful.

Maria Cavallero has some colors in her jewelry that make my mouth water. I love how she has made her jewelry out of something so simple but so unique.

And I have been dreaming about about his artist for two weeks now. In between Joey's lovely tenacious lovings, I go down and look at this shop. The headbands are glorious. I really want to be able to wear one, I might have to live vicariously through, say, Paige (this would look so perfect on you). I love the earrings, I love the lines in the headbands, I love the colors used, I love the cut and form. The shop name is perfect, The Candy Thief. Candy candy candy.

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