Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

while sitting at the airport, our flight delayed.

We have been to Dave's twenty year reunion this weekend. Just us, no kids, and 100 of his closest pals. It was a lot of fun, good people watching and good weather. He is asleep next to me, comfortable in the seats at our gate. Here are some things I would love to have right now, all courtesy of Etsians.

This The Techtherapy Wrap from moocow looks especially cozy and warm. I have been cold this whole trip. I think it is the air conditioning with the humidity that is getting me. But I am cold right this minute and want this on! Look at the cowls in this shop - winter is upon us.

Did I mention I was cold? My toes. Totally my fault since the only time this summer I have worn anything but flip flops and sandals is when I am working out. So I would love to be wearing these felted slippers from Naturally Felt. Totally appropriate color, too.

New Duds has some great fashionable items in it. For my situation today, I really need this travel pillow that pretends to be a snail. Their bags and t-shirts are cool, too.

If I were a sweet-eating girl, this would be what I would eat while waiting for my flight. I don't think I would share. And, they are located in the state into which we are headed, even better. Have a look at what else Double Dipped Sweets has to offer. Good neighbor gifts and teacher treats.

This kids aren't with us, but if they were, I would love to have one of these bags for the kids from Tika Kids. Crayons fit on the outside and games, magnet boards, coloring books can fit in the bag.

I ate a crawfish omelet yesterday morning at our hotel and wasn't hungry again until 7pm - so nice. But after the same breakfast today I am starving, luckily we scored some food vouchers (I think because I complimented the ticket agent on her very pretty, very real nails. They were really healthy and long, very pretty. Thank you for the food vouchers!) So Dave and I are off - it is kind of weird to have him watch me blog - to get some luncher or lunner, or dincher. I hope they have those warming lamps that you can use for food, I am going to sit as close to those as I can - or ask to sit by the stove.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Can't wait to see you, and welcome home (when you get here). You're cold because you weigh 87 pounds. I never have that problem; even in the Arctic.

Angel said...

I hope you had a great trip and enjoyed the childless freedom for a few days. Ahhh... have a uninterrupted conversation with Dave, change plans without worrying about schedules(sleep, dinner, school, soccer, dance). I hope you had a delightful time and I'm glad you are back. I'm sure your kids are glad to have you back too.