Tuesday, September 30, 2008

20 babies and Lauren Graham

So, to go along with my post the other day, later that night I remembered that I know a girl that is the oldest of 20. TWENTY!!! No multiple births, one every year for 20 years. Same mom, same dad. Then when the youngest was like 4, they divorced. He remarried and is having more children. I thought the mother of 20 would look a certain way (insert picture in your head here) but she looked pretty youngish, not as tired as I would be, and I would have assumed by looking at her that she had 7 children. Yes, I look at women and assume they have had a certain amount of kids. Like my friend Tracy, you would look at her and think that she has had no children, but she has had 5. Tricky post-baby body, that girl (I secretly dislike her for it).

Okey-dokey. Do you know of my love for Gilmore Girls? Serious void still in my TV viewing and smiling abilities for the past couple of years since it has ended. Thank goodness for DVDs. Lauren Graham, Loralei Gilmore, was on Ellen yesterday. She is so funny. I think she should be my big sister, do you think she will adopt me? Please watch the clip below, she is terribly funny.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

It rained Monday. For the first time this fall, it has felt like fall to me. There was even snow on the peaks of the mountains. I am not thrilled about this, but since I have lived here my entire life, it isn't a surprise. So, here are some things that make me happy about fall.

But first, I got this in the mail this week. I love it. But I want all of the bags and pouches in DrikaB's Shop, so it was hard to choose. Once again, very well made.

Amber Alexander's shop has a selection of original watercolors, acrylics and prints, take a look, especially if you like a whimsical look at animals. This print would look great for the Halloween holiday, somewhere in your house.

I love this little tunic from My Little One. The colors remind me of fall, it would be really cute with some bright stockings and boots. The rest of the shop is beautiful, with fun plushies, clothing, decor.

I love Tom Banwell's art. Seriously amazing masks. I love the all of them. There is the autumn mask, the black bird mask, and this bug mask. Ooh, and the lacy leaf, I can't decide which is my favorite. They are made out of leather. I think if I wore the bug mask, my kids would leave me alone for a little bit because they wouldn't know it was me. But of course, I wouldn't want them to leave me alone, I am not that kind of mother.

What girl doesn't need a pirate patch? This patch, plus dresses, scarfs, shoes and more is what you can find over at Baubles and Bits.

I think I could make it through winter if I could wear this necklace by Daughter of Luxury. I think it has a unique power that when worn it gives the wearer some serious Winter Blue's fighting power. No really, I heard that. So, if any of you are worried about me, this necklace is the answer. Or anything else from this BEAUTIFUL shop.

I love tomato soup, especially in the fall. It speaks cozy to me. I would eat it everyday out of these bowls from etcArts, a sip at a time. An eclectic assortment of goodies for your house.

You can never have enough hair clips and accessories for your little girl. Posh Pretties has some very cute hair adornment the shout fall. A turkey, candy corn, and this spider (Halloween, of course).

Friday, September 26, 2008

Things I love this week

1. I got my Kiss Me Mascara in the mail yesterday, so far I love it. I ordered it from here, only $22 and free shipping. I am watching last night's episode of ER right now and crying like a baby, still no smudging or smearing.

2. I can lay on the ground, resting, and Joey thinks I am a toy. He climbs up on my and says "Whoa-oh-oh" and then in slow motion, falls off of me.

3. Caroline is being quite the stinky potpie this week. Everything is "No" "No" or "No". And she totally discriminates against most 1 year olds, especially if their name is Joey. But then, every so often, she will give you the biggest hug, sometimes accompanied with a little pinch, but we will take it.

4. Kid #1 on Eli's soccer team told Kid #2 that Kid #3 is the worst soccer player on the team. Kid #3 told the coaches, he was very upset. The coach said, "You aren't the worst player, ask Eli what he thinks." So he did. Eli, without hesitation said, "You are a suh-weet player!"

Heart of gold, Eli.

5. Heroes is back on TV, a little dark, but back.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I can't dance.

I could at one point and then just stopped, I think I was too self-conscience to do it. A few years ago, my friend Ash and I took a tap class (like 2 years ago, not college!). I couldn't loosen up to do it. Last night I went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour show.

Oh my gosh, it was worth every penny! I loved it. The crowd was so fun because 3 of the dancers were from Utah. My friend Ash and I went, even though her husband thought we would be the oldest there. Not even close. There was one older gal (and I mean late 70's) who would get up and raise her hands in the air and shake it whenever anyone danced.
It was a great place to people watch. And I'll leave it at that or I might get a little too snarky.
Of course my favorite dance of the night was the one with Mark and Chelsie - The Briefcase, you know, the one that makes me a little teary. In fact, I think I have made it perfectly clear that I love that number, my friend changed her ringtone for me to "Bleedin' Love". Sweet sentiment. The clip below is from the show itself, not last night. Although, the high quality picture above is last night's.

One of the funnest parts of the show was when Gev was on stage. He is quite the little comedian. He has really good timing, funny little things. Fun to watch dance, there wasn't enough of him.

Of course there was a lot of Joshua and Katee, understandably. I would have loved more Mark, Chelsie and Gev though.

They are all such great dancers. So athletic, so young, so beautiful. Will, well Will, of course he is a specimen. I think I want Twitch as my neighbor, he seems so genuine and nice and funny. Mark, quirky. Chelsie, like my friend said, you just want to put her in your pocket, with Gev, they are both so cute and tiny.

The only thing that wasn't good was the fact that it is not tivo'd. I couldn't just sit and rewind and watch again.

So much fun, highly entertaining, I am still smiling about it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

3 down

One more project finished. Caroline loves the way it twirls and fluffs. I made it from this pattern from Pink Fig Patterns. It was really fun to make, I really don't love doing gathers, but they look great and it is an easy pattern to follow. I couldn't get her to stand still long enough to get a good picture, but even her daddy likes it, so it is highly recommended from our home.

My cat, Roady, is closing in on 15 years old. She hasn't brought us anything for quite a few years. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door this week to send to the kids out to play and this was waiting for us. Proud kitty. Caroline wanted to bring the rat inside and keep it. No thanks.

I have been needle-punching a lot this week, changing the colors on one of the cupcake patterns. I will get it up later this week. And thanks for the suggestions for mascara - better recs than America's Next Top Model!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Loves

I love freshly waxed eyebrows - mine. I have been clenching my teeth and fists to keep from plucking so I could have a good cleaning up. Is that something I should keep to myself? I also love this new color from OPI. It is called PARLEZ-VOUS OPI? but there is one called YOU DON'T KNOW JACQUES! that is even better.

I am relatively a novice when it comes to mascara. I want one that doesn't clump, doesn't flake, doesn't end up under my eyes (even though I don't wear it on my lower lashes) and looks nice and polished. Can someone besides Queen Latifah tell me what they recommend? If you don't want to leave a comment, email me.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sleep Tight

As a child, I always felt my dolls and stuffed animals had feelings. I tried to pay equal attention to all of them, because what if one felt left out? Gasp. Eli is the same way. He has always loved his animals - Monkey, Hippo, Diddy, Chip and all the rest.

A couple of weeks ago he found two bears that were mine and my little brother Joe's. The other night I went into tuck him in and he had these two bears all tucked in.

And then again the other night, he had tucked in his latest favorites, so no one felt left out.

There are times when I see bits of myself in my kids and think, "Oh no", (like when Caroline is starting to pinch with her toes) and times when it makes me smile.

I'm still not over it

photo found here

A couple of hours ago, I went to certain retail establishment because they get new stock on Thursdays, which means they have TONS of plastic bags to recycle. Our school has a recycling program. When you bring, among other things, plastic bags to the school to recycle the money from them then goes to our ARTS program. I filled my car with 15 or so bags (so big, you can really only carry one, maybe two, at a time - not because they are heavy, but because they are bulky). I got to my son's school and this is how it goes:

I unload 3 at a time from my car, carrying them to the front door - 2 gals walks by me and some man that works at the school.

I then open the heavy outer door of the school and toss bags (15 - 20) into the space between outer doors and inner doors. The PTA president walks by me and says, "Don't tell me all those are from your house!" "No, I get them every Thurs. from this store for recycling here." "Oh." and walks away.

Then I throw them into the school hallway so I can carry them to the specific bag area. 2 more gals walk by me.

This whole process from the car to the appropriate recycle drop off takes me 5 minutes, with 6 people smiling as they walk out of the school.

I'm not saying that none of them were in a hurry. I'm not saying what I was doing was so important to our school that you should praise me and thank me for adding about $100 more dollars to our ARTS program, and I am fine if I had to do this all myself, especially when no one passes by. But since 6 people did pass by, for the love maybe HELP ME CARRY THEM IN!!!!

By the way, our PTA president is not fond of the ARTS program.

Rant over.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Down

Of course I didn't think I would get all those projects done on Saturday, but 2 done by Tuesday works.

This is Caroline making a mad face - scary huh?

And the curtains worked out great minus a slight measuring problem on my part, but with distractions all around, it could have been worse.

Monday, September 15, 2008

For New Fathers

My friend just sent me the link to this knitting pattern from Bleu Arts. She thought it would be good for nursing mothers. I think it would be better for the husbands of nursing mothers - as a surrogate. I think men can be jealous of all the boob time their new babies are getting and this might be something to hold on to. And, let's be honest, sometimes men are big boobs.

(My mom did not seem to find the humor in this, let's hope I haven't lost mine!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Projects

I have been asked by some to do some fall plaques - I can't! The company I get the special, revolutionary, eco-friendly, super-duper-spectacular blanks from is re-doing their formula to make them look a little different. Don't worry, the old ones are great, they just wanted to change the cosmetics - a little bit of an inconvenience, but one that should be able to ship by the end of the month. So none in time for fall, maybe a few for Christmas, then on to spring again. I haven't picked up my paintbrush in a while, so I am eager.

So here is my goal for today - we'll see.

I have some curtains I bought from IKEA that I have been wanting to add to. I bought this fabric from Anna Marie Horner's Garden Party line to add some color. I hope it doesn't clash too much with my kelly green walls. Project 1.

I bought this from the same line to make some pillows - they will probably be smooshed by the kids into a stepping stone to get from one side of the pond to the other in no time flat, but oh well. The repeating pattern will trim it. Project 2.

And then we have sewing for Caroline. I purchased a pattern for a round necked dress from this shop. The instructions are great, I need to get this done. I am using this fabric from Amy Butler.

And then there is the bunch of skirts I am cutting for her. Also Amy Butler. And Heather Bailey, and Anna Marie Horner. Can you tell I am smitten by these designers, just like everyone else? I'm kind of rusty, we'll see how it goes.

A great quilt store in Roy sells most of our punchneedle patterns, so my mom wanted me to see it. Holy Cow!!! She has so much Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner, Heather Bailey, lots of new Moda, Joel Dewberry is coming in, lots of the home dec fabrics of these designers - I haven't seen this much selection in one place in all of Utah. You have probably been there, some of you, Sweet Lavender, 1878 W 5075 S, Roy, UT (801) 774-7330. I was blown away. The owner, Peggy, is fantastic, the store has so much in it but you can breathe, I loved it.

I just heard Dave come in from a meeting downtown, the kids are thrilled to see him (my own and their 2 friends), he is so great how he interacts with them. Best dad ever. Now, I have to let Dave know about my plans....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

photo by Miss Paige

I have already admitted that first grade is throwing some kinks into our lives. Eli comes home exhausted and starving which equals grumpy and uncooperative. He admits that he doesn't eat his lunch because he will miss out on all the fun at recess! Totally typical, I know. I would really love the school to keep them at lunch for at least 15 minutes, then excuse them for recess. I can't imagine the 20+ kids in his class are a bundle of fun around 2 pm, I know that at least half of them don't eat their lunch either.

I am better off not knowing what goes on at school, it went on when I was a kid and I turned out somewhat normal. My friend pulled up to school with her first grader and heard the kids yelling "CHICKEN FIGHT! CHICKEN FIGHT!", saw two bodies up on the bars, legs wrapped around each other and then WHAM! One fell to the ground, hard. It was Eli. He was fine, popped right back up, but seriously!!! These kids are hanging with the ground about 4 - 5 feet below them, trying to throw the other down with their legs. Where are the teachers? Some parents stepped in and made a NO CHICKEN FIGHT rule. It has held so far. It's all fun and games until someone lands on their head.

The same friend's little boy is crying each night because he doesn't want to get hurt at school. At each recess some punk is coming up to him and punching him, asking if it hurts and then walking away. He doesn't know who it is and neither does Eli. Then yesterday, I am asking Eli what happened at recess and he says, "T got choked to death", while chewing his meat.

"What?! What did you do?"

"I chucked him."

Me, trying not to laugh at this comment (at Eli chucking someone, not T getting choked - not funny), "What do you mean?"

"I chucked the kid that was choking T. I picked him up and threw him. Then S went to tell a teacher."

At first Eli acted like he didn't know the choker's name, but he gave it up. For some reason, T is getting picked on at school. I'm not sure when it happens, I know that when something has happened and Eli is there, Eli has always stepped in (which is comical, given that he stands at least 3-4 inches shorter than all his friends).

Then J was telling his mom that he got punched in the face today by a certain kid in their class. He doesn't know why and it was taken care of. J also had a friend tell him that he couldn't play soccer with them, so they tussled. J said Eli and S stood up for him, but probably not forcefully enough. J also said that he got knocked down by someone. This group of boys have two teams, the Lightning Cups and The Spies. They battle eachother. That is how J got punched. Spencer thought they were fighting for real (he made up the game) not pretend. Why would you fight for real???

I know all this is normal. I know that we have to let kids learn in each situation and figure it out. I think there is a tendency to step in and micromanage (I know I do it) and tell each child to do this, this and this in order to resolve problems. I know that in the daily run of the day, these things that happen (minus the getting punched at recess and choked) and it is out of sight out of mind for the kids. For me, I can't stand it. I want Eli to be the kid that says, "Everyone gets to play soccer." I want him to crusade around the playground, fighting bullies, kicking a** and taking names. I don't want name-calling, especially by my child or at my child. I don't want to see one kid walking alone at recess, or someone pushing another down and I have had enough punching!

We rehearse these situations hypothetically in the car. "Eli, what do you do if someone tells your friend they can't play?" "Eli, what do you do if someone is punching your friend?" "Eli, what do you do if someone is pushing your face in mud full of snails and boogers?"

Yeah, I would be much better off not knowing what goes on all day at school. I probably only know 1/100 of the stuff that happens and I am well aware that the majority of the interaction each day is positive and enjoyable. We are three weeks into the school year and I think all the drama is giving me an ulcer.

**I may have painted the picture that Eli is neither the picked on or the pick-ee. That he is always the caped boy wonder. I want you to know that I know Eli is capable of being a stinkpot of a kid, but I am lucky that usually he is only a stinkpot to me (and only a small amount of time) and so much of the time a great kid to every one else. I've said this before, I would so much rather Eli be picked on than be the picker. Last night he was so sad because he spent so much time not eating his dinner and so much time not doing his reading that he ended up in bed without playing games. We had a talk and I told him he needed to make better choices. He moans, in the most pitiful voice, "Oh, I am such a bad choice maker. I never make good choices. I'll never be able to have fun again!" And anyone who knows him can only imagine the severely hunched shoulders and big fat lower lip. We are working through our issues at home. But my heart aches at what pain is ahead in this world we call social interraction. And now I have made him sound like a big baby. I am horrible at this positive parenting thing, aren't I? Let me rephrase: Great kid, usually makes outstanding choices, loves the color orange just like his mom, is the best at making anyone fell super special, must have low blood sugar.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

This is... My Favorite Band of All Time

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

This is... (by Three Buttons) is brought to you this week by CurlyPops.

I don't think it is any secret that my favorite band of all time is U2. I don't know that anyone comes close to my next favorite band, those tend to shift a little but U2 is CONSTANT! I remember sitting in the lunch room in high school with Spence Winegar, no maybe Ty, no Spence (they are pretty identical...) and hearing the new single off of Achtung. That is one of my first huge memories. The more subtle ones are just hearing everything that came before that album and loving each and every song. But my first real "this is it" moment was in that lunch room.

I've been to quite a few concerts, always great standing seats - right in front of the stage, except in Vancouver, we had great seats off the floor, just perfect. One time, I held up a sign that said "BLUE-EYED BOY MEETS BROWN-EYED GIRL" with an arrow pointing to me and Bono locked eyes with me (my heart is pitter pattering right now at the re-telling) and smiled while singing some song (it is all tunnel-vision, this memory). I'm sure if he is reading this, he remembers that fateful concert. Ahh. I love how they all play off of each other. I love how Larry Mullen just sits at his drums and plays while everyone else is at the fore-front. I love the way they all play off each other while they perform.

I don't even know what to say about this band. We listen to them in the car (the kids and I) more often than anything else. We have dance moves with our hands. Eli thinks Bono gave him the U218 Singles DVD in his stocking for Christmas. The radio station cannot be changed if U2 is playing, even if it is one of my less favorite songs. I just don't think there will ever be a group as talented or life-changing for me. I still have their Joshue Tree shirt in Hebrew, a couple other ones picked up in Jerusalem. I will have my kids wear them and they will be so vintage and cool.

I also admire the way the band supports Bono in his fight against poverty, AIDS, and other diseases in areas of the world where the people can't get the help they need. He meets with world leaders, educating them about the issues, giving spotlight to the issues so that these people won't be forgotten or overlooked.

here is one group - one.org

and red. There are many more.

I admire the music and the men behind it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

I have been in the mood to clean and organize - an odd feeling. I thought these were great things from etsy.

I actually do love to iron. But let's face it, anything is better when it the tools looks pretty. This ironing board cover from Hestia Houseworks is made from great fabric and there are plenty to choose from. The shop also sells cute pillows.

I am always impressed by those that make their own cleaning supplies. Clean Rinse has cleaning products that are all natural. Check out the laundry detergent. I bet it smells so clean and fresh. I need the rug deodorizer - the price isn't bad.

The Happy Homemaker Starter Kit by Domestic1 is a good little wedding gift. It contains a painted galvanized pail (available in 6 colors & 3 sizes), a retro apron with matching oven mitt, The Happy Homemaker cleaning guide & fridge magnet, tried & true cleaning products, and essential items needed to take care of the home. They also include a cleaning guide that is tested by both the mother and the daughter and a schedule (I really could use just that!). What a great idea.

I don't like carrying around a bucket of cleaning supplies but hate going back and forth from the cleaning point to the supplies. This Weekend Warrior Cleaning Belt by Milk Pail is quite the answer to the problem. I would look totally legit, too legit to quit.

I love really soft wash clothes. These Candy Colored Washcloths by Black Gingham would be great in the bath tub on baby bottoms or in the kitchen. Purty.

Of course, you need an apron. I love the ones I own, wear them often. I would love this little half apron by Great Goods. Very cute colors and a great sale price.

I have been wearing rubber gloves when I have been washing dishes lately because I can't stand how my hands feel after. I think these Glam Gloves from Mary Zoom's shop would help me enjoy doing dishes a little more.

After you have done all this cleaning and tidying, you can plop down on your couch and watch The Hills while comfy on these pillows.

I have a lot of Hens and Chicks in my garden so I love the Succulent Pillow by Pillow Happy even more. Holy cow, there are a lot of beautiful pillows in the shop.

Bex Caliber, from my lovely state, has some great pillows. I especially like this Anna Marie Horner one, maybe because I just bought a lot of this line's fabric for pillows and curtains.

Look at this lovely Pleat Pillow from Yorktown Road. There are also some very gorgeous handbags and clutches. Really gorgeous.

Ah, that was fun to do an etsy post, it has been a while. And I multi-tasked. I did this all while watching the new 90210 with my dear, sweet, kind husband. Did any of you watch it?