Tuesday, September 30, 2008

20 babies and Lauren Graham

So, to go along with my post the other day, later that night I remembered that I know a girl that is the oldest of 20. TWENTY!!! No multiple births, one every year for 20 years. Same mom, same dad. Then when the youngest was like 4, they divorced. He remarried and is having more children. I thought the mother of 20 would look a certain way (insert picture in your head here) but she looked pretty youngish, not as tired as I would be, and I would have assumed by looking at her that she had 7 children. Yes, I look at women and assume they have had a certain amount of kids. Like my friend Tracy, you would look at her and think that she has had no children, but she has had 5. Tricky post-baby body, that girl (I secretly dislike her for it).

Okey-dokey. Do you know of my love for Gilmore Girls? Serious void still in my TV viewing and smiling abilities for the past couple of years since it has ended. Thank goodness for DVDs. Lauren Graham, Loralei Gilmore, was on Ellen yesterday. She is so funny. I think she should be my big sister, do you think she will adopt me? Please watch the clip below, she is terribly funny.


shannon said...

I LOVE Loralei!!!!!!!
I missed this on Ellen...thanks for sharing!

Natalie said...

Whit...you make me laugh...1 ever year for 5 years makes me tired...can't even begin to imagine 20! Clever posts...so funny, love them!!!

Angel said...

I love Loralei too. I wish I were her on Gilmore Girls. The creative bantering, adorable laugh and quick wit make me so jealous.

Also I can't even keep up with 2 kids. I can't even imagine 20.

Jenny said...

Aaah Lorelai - how we miss you!