Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sleep Tight

As a child, I always felt my dolls and stuffed animals had feelings. I tried to pay equal attention to all of them, because what if one felt left out? Gasp. Eli is the same way. He has always loved his animals - Monkey, Hippo, Diddy, Chip and all the rest.

A couple of weeks ago he found two bears that were mine and my little brother Joe's. The other night I went into tuck him in and he had these two bears all tucked in.

And then again the other night, he had tucked in his latest favorites, so no one felt left out.

There are times when I see bits of myself in my kids and think, "Oh no", (like when Caroline is starting to pinch with her toes) and times when it makes me smile.


Through the Looking Glass said...

We talked about this: That is so me, too. I had stadium seating at the foot of my bed so everyone could have a spot, then I rotated so no one was left out. Oh, E... I feel ya.

Josie said...

What a sensitive and adorable little guy. I love him.
PS: If your kids are just like you they will be so lucky!!
PPS: Ben pinches me with his toes and it drives me crazy. Not in a good way.

Natalie said...

TOO CUTE! What a thoughtful little guy you have!