Monday, September 15, 2008

For New Fathers

My friend just sent me the link to this knitting pattern from Bleu Arts. She thought it would be good for nursing mothers. I think it would be better for the husbands of nursing mothers - as a surrogate. I think men can be jealous of all the boob time their new babies are getting and this might be something to hold on to. And, let's be honest, sometimes men are big boobs.

(My mom did not seem to find the humor in this, let's hope I haven't lost mine!)


Charlie Cooper said...

I think it's funny but my mom wouldn't approve either

Cozy said...

Funny to me too.

Jada Rose said...

Hey Whit,

I noticed Tipp already posted a few pics of Rob in his true form on

Through the Looking Glass said...

If I showed this to B he'd get an erection.

Miss said...

Hey that looks familiar.
Reminds me of Matt's famous quote.
"It's as big as the baby's face...but not as big as mine."
Still looking for a good plastic surgeon to get that taken care of.