Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Projects

I have been asked by some to do some fall plaques - I can't! The company I get the special, revolutionary, eco-friendly, super-duper-spectacular blanks from is re-doing their formula to make them look a little different. Don't worry, the old ones are great, they just wanted to change the cosmetics - a little bit of an inconvenience, but one that should be able to ship by the end of the month. So none in time for fall, maybe a few for Christmas, then on to spring again. I haven't picked up my paintbrush in a while, so I am eager.

So here is my goal for today - we'll see.

I have some curtains I bought from IKEA that I have been wanting to add to. I bought this fabric from Anna Marie Horner's Garden Party line to add some color. I hope it doesn't clash too much with my kelly green walls. Project 1.

I bought this from the same line to make some pillows - they will probably be smooshed by the kids into a stepping stone to get from one side of the pond to the other in no time flat, but oh well. The repeating pattern will trim it. Project 2.

And then we have sewing for Caroline. I purchased a pattern for a round necked dress from this shop. The instructions are great, I need to get this done. I am using this fabric from Amy Butler.

And then there is the bunch of skirts I am cutting for her. Also Amy Butler. And Heather Bailey, and Anna Marie Horner. Can you tell I am smitten by these designers, just like everyone else? I'm kind of rusty, we'll see how it goes.

A great quilt store in Roy sells most of our punchneedle patterns, so my mom wanted me to see it. Holy Cow!!! She has so much Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner, Heather Bailey, lots of new Moda, Joel Dewberry is coming in, lots of the home dec fabrics of these designers - I haven't seen this much selection in one place in all of Utah. You have probably been there, some of you, Sweet Lavender, 1878 W 5075 S, Roy, UT (801) 774-7330. I was blown away. The owner, Peggy, is fantastic, the store has so much in it but you can breathe, I loved it.

I just heard Dave come in from a meeting downtown, the kids are thrilled to see him (my own and their 2 friends), he is so great how he interacts with them. Best dad ever. Now, I have to let Dave know about my plans....


Through the Looking Glass said...

Okay, and I'm COMPLETELY serious: I need you to come over (bring the kiddos and they can jump on the tramp with mine) and walk me through basic sewing 101 refresher. I got my new machine a month ago but haven't sewn on one for about 8 years. I can manage the threading, but I kind of can't remember the basics, and I don't have any idea where to start.

I'd love to make some curtains for my house, some skirts and pants for my kids, and some dresses or tunics for me.

Man, this sounds like a part-timer for you; I promise I just need a jumping off point!

Meghan said...

goals for the day? those would be like my goals for the year. are you kidding me? you are nuts. i love the fabrics, esp. for carolines dress. i am sorry i didn't get to see her last night, but joey is a little dream.

Charlie Cooper said...

Whit I added the picture of Rob but I don't have any in the hat you made him. I'll ask Landon...I'm really excited to get together tomorrow. See you soon-