Friday, September 26, 2008

Things I love this week

1. I got my Kiss Me Mascara in the mail yesterday, so far I love it. I ordered it from here, only $22 and free shipping. I am watching last night's episode of ER right now and crying like a baby, still no smudging or smearing.

2. I can lay on the ground, resting, and Joey thinks I am a toy. He climbs up on my and says "Whoa-oh-oh" and then in slow motion, falls off of me.

3. Caroline is being quite the stinky potpie this week. Everything is "No" "No" or "No". And she totally discriminates against most 1 year olds, especially if their name is Joey. But then, every so often, she will give you the biggest hug, sometimes accompanied with a little pinch, but we will take it.

4. Kid #1 on Eli's soccer team told Kid #2 that Kid #3 is the worst soccer player on the team. Kid #3 told the coaches, he was very upset. The coach said, "You aren't the worst player, ask Eli what he thinks." So he did. Eli, without hesitation said, "You are a suh-weet player!"

Heart of gold, Eli.

5. Heroes is back on TV, a little dark, but back.

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Through the Looking Glass said...

I love you, Eli, you are a good little man. And I love you, Caroline, because you remind me of one of mine. And I read some crazy things about the mascara after everyone raved about it. Tubes that slide off your eyelashes? And heck, while I'm at it, I love you, Whitney.