Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

It rained Monday. For the first time this fall, it has felt like fall to me. There was even snow on the peaks of the mountains. I am not thrilled about this, but since I have lived here my entire life, it isn't a surprise. So, here are some things that make me happy about fall.

But first, I got this in the mail this week. I love it. But I want all of the bags and pouches in DrikaB's Shop, so it was hard to choose. Once again, very well made.

Amber Alexander's shop has a selection of original watercolors, acrylics and prints, take a look, especially if you like a whimsical look at animals. This print would look great for the Halloween holiday, somewhere in your house.

I love this little tunic from My Little One. The colors remind me of fall, it would be really cute with some bright stockings and boots. The rest of the shop is beautiful, with fun plushies, clothing, decor.

I love Tom Banwell's art. Seriously amazing masks. I love the all of them. There is the autumn mask, the black bird mask, and this bug mask. Ooh, and the lacy leaf, I can't decide which is my favorite. They are made out of leather. I think if I wore the bug mask, my kids would leave me alone for a little bit because they wouldn't know it was me. But of course, I wouldn't want them to leave me alone, I am not that kind of mother.

What girl doesn't need a pirate patch? This patch, plus dresses, scarfs, shoes and more is what you can find over at Baubles and Bits.

I think I could make it through winter if I could wear this necklace by Daughter of Luxury. I think it has a unique power that when worn it gives the wearer some serious Winter Blue's fighting power. No really, I heard that. So, if any of you are worried about me, this necklace is the answer. Or anything else from this BEAUTIFUL shop.

I love tomato soup, especially in the fall. It speaks cozy to me. I would eat it everyday out of these bowls from etcArts, a sip at a time. An eclectic assortment of goodies for your house.

You can never have enough hair clips and accessories for your little girl. Posh Pretties has some very cute hair adornment the shout fall. A turkey, candy corn, and this spider (Halloween, of course).


Jaime said...

every girl DOES need a pirate eye patch ;) Thanks so much for the feature, you made my day :)

Through the Looking Glass said...

Love that bag. Love that seller. May copy someday.

Jessica said...

Hey Whit. I'm commenting. So fun to chat at the game with you last night!

Angel said...

I want to have a girls just so she could wear that adorable tunic. Boy clothes are no fun.

Miss said...

You are going to have a super clean house now with your new cleaning apron. I hope it works as well as the new running shoes I just bought that were suppose to help me lose 15 pounds.
Let me know if yours has the same magic.

Miss said...

opps!! I looked closer and saw that was a new purse not the cleaning apron you were eyeing a few weeks ago...but I still want to know if it works when you get one.