Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

I have been in the mood to clean and organize - an odd feeling. I thought these were great things from etsy.

I actually do love to iron. But let's face it, anything is better when it the tools looks pretty. This ironing board cover from Hestia Houseworks is made from great fabric and there are plenty to choose from. The shop also sells cute pillows.

I am always impressed by those that make their own cleaning supplies. Clean Rinse has cleaning products that are all natural. Check out the laundry detergent. I bet it smells so clean and fresh. I need the rug deodorizer - the price isn't bad.

The Happy Homemaker Starter Kit by Domestic1 is a good little wedding gift. It contains a painted galvanized pail (available in 6 colors & 3 sizes), a retro apron with matching oven mitt, The Happy Homemaker cleaning guide & fridge magnet, tried & true cleaning products, and essential items needed to take care of the home. They also include a cleaning guide that is tested by both the mother and the daughter and a schedule (I really could use just that!). What a great idea.

I don't like carrying around a bucket of cleaning supplies but hate going back and forth from the cleaning point to the supplies. This Weekend Warrior Cleaning Belt by Milk Pail is quite the answer to the problem. I would look totally legit, too legit to quit.

I love really soft wash clothes. These Candy Colored Washcloths by Black Gingham would be great in the bath tub on baby bottoms or in the kitchen. Purty.

Of course, you need an apron. I love the ones I own, wear them often. I would love this little half apron by Great Goods. Very cute colors and a great sale price.

I have been wearing rubber gloves when I have been washing dishes lately because I can't stand how my hands feel after. I think these Glam Gloves from Mary Zoom's shop would help me enjoy doing dishes a little more.

After you have done all this cleaning and tidying, you can plop down on your couch and watch The Hills while comfy on these pillows.

I have a lot of Hens and Chicks in my garden so I love the Succulent Pillow by Pillow Happy even more. Holy cow, there are a lot of beautiful pillows in the shop.

Bex Caliber, from my lovely state, has some great pillows. I especially like this Anna Marie Horner one, maybe because I just bought a lot of this line's fabric for pillows and curtains.

Look at this lovely Pleat Pillow from Yorktown Road. There are also some very gorgeous handbags and clutches. Really gorgeous.

Ah, that was fun to do an etsy post, it has been a while. And I multi-tasked. I did this all while watching the new 90210 with my dear, sweet, kind husband. Did any of you watch it?


shellie said...

thank you for including my succulent pillow in today's blog! it's nice to know that after a hard day cleaning, that you'd like to crash onto one of my pillows! that's the whole idea...although many times i skip the cleaning and go straight for the pillow! love your blog, especially the cute saying at the top about caw co latt cake please? so cute....
shellie at pillowhappy

Through the Looking Glass said...

I need another apron - I'm going to check this out. Cute pillows; so sad I only have one couch in my entire house which makes it unnecessary to have more than four pillows (which I have, which is probably too many anyway)

Natalie said...

Thanks for all the great stops at etsy...I have been looking for some great pillows..I'm going to take a look!

Tiffany And Co. said...

Wow, you find all the cute stuff! I want the ironing board cover and the half apron, how fun! Oh yes, watched 90210 and secretly like it a lot minus a few unnecessary scenes!

Josie said...

1. I love your Etsy pics - I have found many cute sellers with your help! I think having cute housekeeping items keeps me going. I need awesome smelling cleaner and cute aprons and I'm much more likely to actually clean.
2. I didn't watch 90210, but I want to hear more about it.
3. I also want to hear more about Bobby Brady!!! Talk about leavin' me hangin!