Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 years? Really?

Dave and I got away for a little road trip this past weekend for our 10th anniversary. I think the 10th anniversary is a little harder than turning 30, but so be it. But Dave reassured me that I don't look a day over 31. What a sweet talker.

You would think that we would spend the whole weekend just the two of us, but our good friend Tommy and his lovely new bride live in St. George so we asked them to meet us at In-N-Out Burger. I'm a first timer there, but a good first experience I would say. It is always a fun time where ever Tommy is and we enjoyed hanging out with them. It was kind of funny to hear about the first month of marriage and compare it to us celebrating 10 years.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing, sunning, hiking, sleeping, movie-ing togetherness. Perfect. It was really what I needed and I am guessing David needed it too. I think as different as we are, we are a good fit - as partners and parents. I am not one of these women that make the perfect marriage or sugar coat things to sound hunky dory, but this is good. We are good. I am happy. We work hard at it. Some days are great, some are good and some left a bit to be desired but so it life. I'd rather be in it with him helping me along the way. Enough heart of sleeve. 10 years has been a huge learning experience, I think for both of us. Well worth it.

I am usually not a car ride gal, one hour trips about kill me, but we had a fun time laughing about things, playing "Name the Title and Artist", or at least I had fun because I rule at that game and Dave does not. Once again, just enjoying the togetherness. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the little ones for us. We owe you.

I was looking back at photos from our wedding day, so I could add some to this post, and am laughing at how dated it looks. My whole goal was to not have a wedding that you could place in any given decade. Still, a great occasion none the less. Happy Anniversary David!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cast On, Cast Off

We took this movie this morning before we went for the cast off moment. We have a lot more film on our other camera, but I wanted this for the blog - it is not well shot, I'll admit. Joey has not slowed down since his cast. In fact, it is almost a treacherous new balancing act. He still climbs everything, jumps on trampolines if given the chance, dances, runs, somersaults...And, I hate my voice. Do I really sound like an annoying cartoon mouse? Oh, and I think I have said it before, but I will say it again, Caroline wears little bloomers underneath her skirts and dresses, a must when you only will wear dresses and skirts and like to do headstands. Ooh, and I think I just noticed in the video Joey is eating a french fry that I threw out of my car the day before. Yummy.

Steve, Joey's personal medical professional

Joey was so cute when got the cast removed. The saw didn't scare him, he leaned back and started giggling while looking at me, the saw was tickling him. But when the nurse commented to him about it, he stuck out his lower lip and pretended not to hear her and acted like he was dismayed. After he got it off he immediately sat down started rubbing his ankle, leaning way over in a pretzel just bending his joints, kind of in awe of his cast-less leg. When we got in the elevatore Caroline started singing "The Joey Dance, The Joey Dance, The Joey Dance". It is a little sing songy thing the kids do with Joe and he dances. He was shaking his new leg all over the place. Very entertaining. When my doctor called me later this afternoon to let me know that his new xray looked great, I asked him how long Joey would still be Tiny Tim-ish. A couple of weeks. He took his first real bath in 3 weeks and was swimming, lounging, splashing all over.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I forgot how much I love this

I was checking out my friend Paige (who sort of said I was the only U2 fan she knows. what?!) and she has this hilarious video post of herself and some of her fellow teachers. They are doing a dance evolution for their students based on this old youtube video. I forgot how much the original makes me laugh. Hard. And so did Paige's vids, especially the Superman.

Thanks P, you made my day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

But I Was Just Trying to Make It My Own

Dave and I are halfway through this week's American Idol, have you heard of it? Danny Gokey (I love to say his name, don't you?) is working on his tune right now but I still have creepy crawlies all over me after Adam's. What the heck?

He really could have done an awesome version of Ring of Fire without making it all squirmy and creepy, don't you think? Dave said it sounded like a 70's porno, I don't want to know how he came to that conclusion - what is his reference point? I love Johnny Cash, he is the bomb-diggidy. I could have heard that song with some changes and loved it, but seriously? Ok, stay true to yourself, but don't murder a song. It wasn't terrific, shut up Paula. It was awful. It sounded like... if there were a Johnny Cash psycho musical that was off, off, way around the corner Broadway. Adam is so self-indulgent, I can't stand when they do closeups on him when he is screeching because you have to see his tongue which looks like it is in the midst an epileptic seizure. I think Adam looks like a great guy, super nice, hot smile, but I can't stand his performances. I sound totally mean-spirited right now, crap.

On the other hand, I am interested to see what they have to say about Anoop, besides his hoodie. He did great. Lovely teeth, that kid. Just heard what they had to say, nice work.

Megan, I'm kind of mesmerized by her. Dave was kind of mesmerized by her two friends, if you know what I mean.

Here are a couple of other things I am laughing/cringing over :

Paula, get to the freaking point already AND let Simon talk!

When did the participants start feeling like they were there to explain how they were making the song there own instead of listening to the criticism? Just listen already!

What do you think? Who are you cheering for and who are you aching to be f.i.n.i.s.h.e.d.?

Friday, March 13, 2009

We Chirp Giveaway!

Head over to we chirp for a chance to win some yummy cupcakes. You don't have to have a blog account to enter. There is a way to just leave your name in a comment or you can email us. Have a look at the 4 ways to enter. And if you are doing Lent that involves no sweets, just have her deliver it after Easter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I don't do toilets

Did you know that? I don't do toilets. One stipulation when Dave and I got married is that he cleans the toilet. I will do the rest of the bathroom, but not the toilets. I grew up with three brothers, 3 that didn't always have a sure aim. I don't do toilets. Or their surrounding area. It has almost been ten years (in 20 days!), and it has worked out fine.

I have other quirks, like I don't stick my hand down the garbage disposal because what if it becomes possessed and grinds my hand into a bloody stub? And I pray on my bed. Who knows who/what lurks under it! And it will not get me. Same goes for appendages staying on the bed during sleep, no legs or arms over the side of the bed. Like I said, who knows what appendage attacking crazy lives below.

Back to toilets. I also have to have the lid closed whenever it isn't in use. And before you flush. At my house, what goes for your house is fine, the lid is down. Why? Well, things won't accidentally fall in, of course. And then there is the swirly germies that swim in there and might be kicked up during a flush no matter how clean David cleans. Did you know that they have found germs from the toilet water on toothbrushes that are across the room? It is from flushing with the lid up. Really. You can read about it here, here, here (and read it, it is kind of funny and Dave just had the same reaction as the other men in it), and here. Do you need more proof?

Why am I acting crazy about this? CW's little friend was just here and used the lavatory, not putting the lid down. Not her fault, no big deal, but Joey found the open toilet quite a novelty and used it to play in. Not his fault, big deal because remember, I hate the innards and outtards of toilets. So after a lengthy sponge bath (remember the cast?), yuck, and Dave cleaning the toilet (which was recently cleaned, but hey, it is a toilet) again and its surrounding areas, I'm officially grossed out.

I took a picture of our toilet, but couldn 't use it because the flash highlighted the shadowed baseboard and I truly couldn't show that, who knew it was so dirty? I'm going to show David.

And since it wouldn't be fair to post without a picture of a child, here is Caroline. Who tells us that if she keeps wearing her swimming suit summer will pop right in and the snow on the ground will melt. Let's hope. Eli was the photog. It kind of looks like a crazy mugshot, right? What a natural.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maybe, Sort of an Update?

I wish I knew what to write. I wish I could tell you all the fun things I did with my kids today, but I can't.

I can tell you I yelled, politely, at Caroline, pleading with her to stop arguing with me and do what I ask. I love her (obviously, since this blog is usually singing her praises) but sometimes that sweet, non-stop, spectacular voice and brain of hers kinda hurts my ears.

I can tell you that Eli let me know that my yelling scared him. *cringe* I politely thanked him for the vocal check and we spent the rest of the night being kind (ish) and patient (ish).

I can tell you that I got a phone call from Joey's dr.'s office and they said that his tests came back and there are no abnormalities. What tests? "Well has he been seen recently?" "Yes, by numerous people on quite a few days. What tests." "His xrays." "Ok, so he has a cast on a leg that isn't broken?" "Hmm. I don't know. Maybe I should get Steve." "Yes, get Steve please." Steve now calls me "Dear" and tells me that he doesn't know why I am being called and that the test they are referring to is Joey's xray of his hip. Not broken. See you later this week when we assess those crazy stitches, Dear.

I wish I could tell you that water is so good. It's not. It is bland and somewhat refreshing but not nearly as fun to drink as Diet Coke. I miss Charlie, who I pay 71 cents to each morning for a refill.

I can tell you that Joey's cast is ripping his diapers, so I have lovely urine filled beads spilling out of his pantlegs, all around my house. Is it disgusting that I let them dry and then I vacuumed them up? I have taped the offending area of the cast. We'll see.

I can tell you that my friend Natalie will not read this post because there are lots of words and no pictures and she is admittedly ADD.

Can I tell you how much I love the We Chirp button over on the left? I can brag about it, I didn't make it, but it is such a cheery, lovely thing, don't ya think? I have posted an etsy finds over there. I might do some here, some there, who knows.

I can tell you that having someone bring us dinner is honestly one of the nicest things that could have happened to me this year. Twice. To not worry about it was heaven. Twice. Thank you a million and two times.

Can I tell you I am loving most of the U2 album. It was leaked a few weeks ago, so I have had some time to digest it. Did you know that they are on Letterman every night this week? 3 more to go. I love them. Eli told me today U2 was his favorite group, too. Good kid.

Monday, March 2, 2009

And if by break dancer, you mean...

breaking your head, you would be spot on.

Joey has really taken to that cast like a fish to water, or so I thought. We were leaving church yesterday and Joey starting running on some grass (ok, not running, more like pirate, peg-legged jackaloping), and next thing we know Joey has crunched his head on the corner of the concrete curb after his cast tripped him up a bit. So off to the emergency room we go.

Apparently I came during rush hour. It is always a good thing to not be in need of immediate assistance, but it means you wait and wait. We were in the lobby for 3 hours, and finally got back to a suture room where we stayed for 2 1/2 hours.

Want to hear a funny story? When Joey broke his leg, we could only get in to see the new Nurse Practitioner at our practice. He is a 30 vet of the children's emergency room but has joined our private practice after his docs told him to slow down. His name is Steve. My cousin Ben worked at the ER for a few years and Steve told me to tell Ben hello. I tell Ben, "Hello from Steve". Ben says Steve is great (true) and if you ever need sutures, Steve is the best he has ever seen. Lo and behold, but who is taking a shift at the ER to keep busy? Steve. Who sewed us up? Steve. Who gave me a hug when he recognized me and noted I was having a bad week? Yep, Steve. Steve also asked me if I had a camera and suggested I snap a few.

Joey was a gem. He was in a great mood until they gave him Versed (sp?), which is supposed to make you loopy and controllable. Steve got one stitch in, broke another stitch before he called for some harder sedative. There were 6 adults trying to keep Joey still. So they gave him Ketamine, or better known by its street name, Special K, not to be confused with Dave's pet name for our friend Kay. They said he will be awake but won't remember any of it tomorrow. I asked them if there was some for me. Funny thing, Joey gave me the cold shoulder all morning, wouldn't even acknowledge I was there, false advertising by the otherwise helpful staff at PCMC. In any case, he still was not quite calm but we were able to get 7 more stitches in and then we waited for him to come out of his acid trip. Which was pretty funny, he sat up yelling, "EH-LI, EH-LI" kind of like how Rocky yelled Adrianne's name. Now I know what to look for when I am concerned about what he is ingesting as a teenager.