Friday, March 20, 2009

Cast On, Cast Off

We took this movie this morning before we went for the cast off moment. We have a lot more film on our other camera, but I wanted this for the blog - it is not well shot, I'll admit. Joey has not slowed down since his cast. In fact, it is almost a treacherous new balancing act. He still climbs everything, jumps on trampolines if given the chance, dances, runs, somersaults...And, I hate my voice. Do I really sound like an annoying cartoon mouse? Oh, and I think I have said it before, but I will say it again, Caroline wears little bloomers underneath her skirts and dresses, a must when you only will wear dresses and skirts and like to do headstands. Ooh, and I think I just noticed in the video Joey is eating a french fry that I threw out of my car the day before. Yummy.

Steve, Joey's personal medical professional

Joey was so cute when got the cast removed. The saw didn't scare him, he leaned back and started giggling while looking at me, the saw was tickling him. But when the nurse commented to him about it, he stuck out his lower lip and pretended not to hear her and acted like he was dismayed. After he got it off he immediately sat down started rubbing his ankle, leaning way over in a pretzel just bending his joints, kind of in awe of his cast-less leg. When we got in the elevatore Caroline started singing "The Joey Dance, The Joey Dance, The Joey Dance". It is a little sing songy thing the kids do with Joe and he dances. He was shaking his new leg all over the place. Very entertaining. When my doctor called me later this afternoon to let me know that his new xray looked great, I asked him how long Joey would still be Tiny Tim-ish. A couple of weeks. He took his first real bath in 3 weeks and was swimming, lounging, splashing all over.


Through the Looking Glass said...

We know the Tiny Tim well, but Joey makes it looks classy. I love that Caroline is wearing her apron - fresh from the kitchen?

Angel said...

Awesome that you captured the before and after walk. He is so precious. I bet a bath felt great on his itchy skin.

Miss(Michelle) said...

Joe fit right into the pirate party for Reagan this weekend. Great peg leg.and he didn't even need a costume.
Kinda pathetic though to watch. Makes me heart hurt for the little nugget.
Glad to see you let nothing go to waste...not even the day old McDonald fry. Eat it up...wear it out, fix it up or do without.
Something like that.

katie t said...

oh i love it! so perfect....

speaking back on the american idol post that i missed a few back while on my trip...guess who i sat and talked with on the plane and who i ofcourse was that annoying "can we please take a picture"????? yep. the one and only David Archeleta (i hope i spelled that right but you got it!) he is so humble, sweet, and so nice and still very young looking. was a proud moment in my book to be able to act like a young jr high school crush girl again!