Monday, March 2, 2009

And if by break dancer, you mean...

breaking your head, you would be spot on.

Joey has really taken to that cast like a fish to water, or so I thought. We were leaving church yesterday and Joey starting running on some grass (ok, not running, more like pirate, peg-legged jackaloping), and next thing we know Joey has crunched his head on the corner of the concrete curb after his cast tripped him up a bit. So off to the emergency room we go.

Apparently I came during rush hour. It is always a good thing to not be in need of immediate assistance, but it means you wait and wait. We were in the lobby for 3 hours, and finally got back to a suture room where we stayed for 2 1/2 hours.

Want to hear a funny story? When Joey broke his leg, we could only get in to see the new Nurse Practitioner at our practice. He is a 30 vet of the children's emergency room but has joined our private practice after his docs told him to slow down. His name is Steve. My cousin Ben worked at the ER for a few years and Steve told me to tell Ben hello. I tell Ben, "Hello from Steve". Ben says Steve is great (true) and if you ever need sutures, Steve is the best he has ever seen. Lo and behold, but who is taking a shift at the ER to keep busy? Steve. Who sewed us up? Steve. Who gave me a hug when he recognized me and noted I was having a bad week? Yep, Steve. Steve also asked me if I had a camera and suggested I snap a few.

Joey was a gem. He was in a great mood until they gave him Versed (sp?), which is supposed to make you loopy and controllable. Steve got one stitch in, broke another stitch before he called for some harder sedative. There were 6 adults trying to keep Joey still. So they gave him Ketamine, or better known by its street name, Special K, not to be confused with Dave's pet name for our friend Kay. They said he will be awake but won't remember any of it tomorrow. I asked them if there was some for me. Funny thing, Joey gave me the cold shoulder all morning, wouldn't even acknowledge I was there, false advertising by the otherwise helpful staff at PCMC. In any case, he still was not quite calm but we were able to get 7 more stitches in and then we waited for him to come out of his acid trip. Which was pretty funny, he sat up yelling, "EH-LI, EH-LI" kind of like how Rocky yelled Adrianne's name. Now I know what to look for when I am concerned about what he is ingesting as a teenager.


Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

No way!!! I've seen stitches and casts on my brothers a hundred times but never at the same time. Poor kid doesn't even look like himself in that last picture. Good luck - - for perhaps the next 15 years.

Angel said...

When it pours. What a rough week for the little man. Hopefully he catches a break for a while so you can both recover.

The Begleys said...

Man, what a week. What a little trooper he has been. Now the real are you holding up?

Miss(Michelle) said...

That poor little baby. The girls have been worried about him all day. Ri-Ri even prayed he would quit falling. Reagan prayed that he his cast woulndn't trip him tomorrow.
Yes we had lots of prayers around here today...I think the count was up to 5 by FHE time.
Get better quick Joe.

whit said...

Tia, don't even wish that upon me! And no, that doesn't look like him, and better not look like him ever again. That is stoned Joey.

Angel, I thought of you a million times while I was up there.

S.B., why is it that emotional exhaustion leads to such physical exhaustion? I took a long nap today while he took a long nap and feel slightly better. And it helps when a great friend takes care of dinner for you. I'm wrapping him up in full body armor and helmet before we go anywhere, ever again.

Miss, pray harder! He is a sweet boy, he didn't flinch at all when I was cleaning the blood out today. But I cringe whenever he goes faster than a walk, which is all the time.

Thanks guys for the concern.

Through the Looking Glass said...

You must frame that first photo and hang it on the wall! He looks like a little Jersey teamster with the blood and the expression!

Poor bean; good thing those baby heads are 90% rubber.

Natalie said...

OUCH! Cast and stitches at the same time! I don't do well at the sight of blood especially with my own children. Hope this week is better, and hopefully the next visit is later than sooner! Sweet boy!