Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 years? Really?

Dave and I got away for a little road trip this past weekend for our 10th anniversary. I think the 10th anniversary is a little harder than turning 30, but so be it. But Dave reassured me that I don't look a day over 31. What a sweet talker.

You would think that we would spend the whole weekend just the two of us, but our good friend Tommy and his lovely new bride live in St. George so we asked them to meet us at In-N-Out Burger. I'm a first timer there, but a good first experience I would say. It is always a fun time where ever Tommy is and we enjoyed hanging out with them. It was kind of funny to hear about the first month of marriage and compare it to us celebrating 10 years.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing, sunning, hiking, sleeping, movie-ing togetherness. Perfect. It was really what I needed and I am guessing David needed it too. I think as different as we are, we are a good fit - as partners and parents. I am not one of these women that make the perfect marriage or sugar coat things to sound hunky dory, but this is good. We are good. I am happy. We work hard at it. Some days are great, some are good and some left a bit to be desired but so it life. I'd rather be in it with him helping me along the way. Enough heart of sleeve. 10 years has been a huge learning experience, I think for both of us. Well worth it.

I am usually not a car ride gal, one hour trips about kill me, but we had a fun time laughing about things, playing "Name the Title and Artist", or at least I had fun because I rule at that game and Dave does not. Once again, just enjoying the togetherness. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the little ones for us. We owe you.

I was looking back at photos from our wedding day, so I could add some to this post, and am laughing at how dated it looks. My whole goal was to not have a wedding that you could place in any given decade. Still, a great occasion none the less. Happy Anniversary David!


Through the Looking Glass said...

Happy ten, darling. You needed that weekend - we all do. I love this wedding picture; you look exactly the same, but who on Earth is that man in the picture with you? I've never seen Dave make that expression! I'm a little freaked out...

Natalie said...

HAPPY TENTH!! Glad you two were able to have a fun getaway! You haven't aged a bit, love the wedding pic!!!

katie t said...

happy 10!

i'm glad that you could get away!

i also love your wedding picture and you look exactly...exactly the same!


Miss(Michelle) said...

And they thought it wouldn't last.
I had to put up living with that boy for 17 years...well 19 if you count college. And I have a cracked tooth to show for it.

Your parents are rock stars for babysitting. I stopped by and they were very busy.

Glad you have been part of our life for the past 10 years...I think you have helped polish that brother of mine.

Angel said...

Congrats. I love that you were able to enjoy a great weekend with just he two of you. You both complement each other well. Glad you had fun