Monday, May 26, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week

It has been a while since my last etsy eyeing post. But with Joey napping, Dave and Caroline (who has some nasty sneezes going on) watching/sleeping through the Bee Movie and Eli off playing, I get to peruse.

After Joey fell - quick update, no real change, he is trying to use his left arm a little more but it still doesn't hold when he tries to crawl but he is sort of grumpy at times which makes me think something hurts (I think that is probably a good thing) and pretty dang funny the rest of the time - I saw this on etsy and LOVED it, so I bought it along with an add on charm with all my kids' names. You need to check out Amy Cornwell's shop, great items in there for yourself and gifts. I can't wait to get it.

I did another apron swap and since I am not sleeping super well lately have been able to finish the apron. I decided I wanted to sew more and I really like sewing for Caroline. I found this pattern from that darn kat's shop and will probably order it this week, it will be my reward for getting a few things done and out of the way. Plus, Caroline is still only wearing dresses and this will look so cute on her.

And since I probably won't get a whole lot done, I would love to have C wear this. I love the contrasting fabrics, the fun play with layering. It is the Emilia Combo Knot Apron dress from Sweet Birdie , so cute.

And along that same line, I love the clothing in Byrdie Clothing . This tie would be so cute on baby boys or tots. And the dresses in the shop are delightful.

I saw this All Day Tote from Charm Design is so handy. I love the fabric used, the versatility, the design, all brilliant. The designer is a stay at home mom with two kids and still has time to make these great bags. Lots more in her shop.

I love a shop that has cool clothes for both men and women. The graphic designs from this couple are so breezy and new. They design and print clothing, art and furniture. I like this wrap because it would have been perfect last night as we sat out on our lawn talking to neighbors for a couple of hours. After a while, it got a little chilly and I would have loved to have this on. I also like their designs for guys. Check out Ahpeele's shop.

I would love this antique/refashioned dress by Larimeloom. It is so beautiful, so feminine. Oh, I am in absolute love with it. She also has handspun yarn that is beautiful.

And on my "I want this, who want to give it to me" list is this beautiful pink flower lamp. I think it would look so good in Caroline's room. Notice how I never look for clothes or decor for the boys? I will have to do something about that. Zig and Zoe also has some beautiful alphabet canvases. Bright, bold colors and gorgeous graphics.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

No change but a fancy new crawl

We have been home from the hospital since Wednesday night, thank goodness. PMC's staff is incredible but there was no sleep for Joey or me. There hasn't been any improvement but no regression either. He has a good range of motion in both arms but maybe 10% of his normal strength in his left hand/arm and probably 50% in his right. When he crawls now he uses his right arm like normal but puts his left foot down and steps with it and scoots his right leg through. It isn't very efficient so he gets a bit frustrated but it is funny to watch. He will stop and look up at me and reach up with his right, telling me to pick him up because he doesn't like this snail's pace. I still think that his right leg is a little off, but no one is concerned. We just have to wait this out. I am going to make an appointment with physical therapy and hopefully have to cancel. But on the plus side, he is super funny and really happy. I had a hard time getting pics of him because he would stop and smile everytime I took one, but here is the general idea.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yesterday, I neglectfully sat next to Joey as he fell off the couch. He was not happy, cried for about 30 minutes during which time I talked to his pediatrician's office. They said that if he isn't vomiting or passing out, he is ok to have a nap, but wake him up after 2 hours. He was so tired (it coincided with naptime) so he took about a 2 hour nap. After nursing him, I put him down, he sat there for a few minutes and then tried to crawl and fell flat on his face. I tried to get him to crawl again but it was like his arms and legs couldn't or wouldn't do the right thing. So, we have now been at Primary Childrens Hospital for over 24 hours, they have run every test they can think of - cat scans, xrays, an mri - none of the images show any breaks, damage or swelling of any kind. That is the good news. He is also standing up on his own (he doesn't walk yet), which is good because 5 hours before he wouldn't stand, he would just bend his legs and sit. He has weak grip in both hands, his arms don't seem to be working like they should. This could be because there might be a sprain we can't see, he might have a break that we don't see, he might have some nerve damage that we aren't picking up. He can't really tell us if he is in pain or having some tingling, so everyone is stumped and Joey and I are really tired. They admitted us overnight. We are waiting for the neurologist and radiologist and trauma team to come and talk to us. He had a rough night and is quite tired and grumpy today. It is hard to say if it is because he is in pain, tired, annoyed with his neck brace or a big combination of sorts.

But, he is awake and active (despite the two picks below) or trying to be. Below is Caroline and Eli playing doctor to Joey, trying to put special healing water on him. Caroline wonders if Dr. Suess has been in to see him.

These pictures were after his MRI. It was at 7:15p when they went in and he was exhausted but somehow two doses of sedatives weren't enough and he woke up 5 times and was given a total of 5 doses of sedatives. Then, in order to transfer him from ER to RTU we had to wake him up (it is now 10:30pm) and make sure he is ok and then try and get him back to sleep. Fun stuff. But, the nurses here know their stuff and are exceptional.

This is Joe at 8:30a this morning. He is a bit wary of his surroundings but woke up happy for a bit. This is the only time you will most likely ever see him with chubby cheeks, the neck brace helps with that. He has tried to nap but you know hospitals, if they aren't checking his vitals then someone is emptying the trash bins, so he is having a rough time.
We are just trying to figure things out, but it is baffling. I am not too proud too ask for many prayers.

2:30pm update:
Love the Trauma doc, he looks, listens, ponders. We are going to xray his left side, the neck brace is off. We are going to go home most likely today even with no improvement so that maybe he can get the rest he needs at home. We may not see improvement for a couple of days, maybe a week. He is hapy with the brace off, just super tired. I'm a little frustrated. I know kids fall all the time, but I blame myself and am a little frustrated with the uncertainty. CRAP!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Me, 27 years ago
Caroline, this week

Seeing these two pictures shows me how fast it all goes. C, You will be an adult before I know it and there are some things that I want you to know. I am sure I will think of more each day and as you grow but here are a few on my mind

- read the original Nancy Drews . I don't know how good the newest ones are, but those yellow hardbacks kept me reading for hours on end.

-you are beautiful and smart and many other wonderful things, but none of those things entitles you to anything that you don't work hard for.

- you are all of the things above but that doesn't mean that you should ever be anything but respectful and kind to those around you, everyone.

- have a good sense of humor, learn to laugh at yourself.

- shoes that are uncomfortable in the store rarely become comfortable after you buy them.

- just because it is on sale doesn't mean you need it.

- try all foods at least once. I didn't like Root Beer until a few years ago, and I still don't like pudding, but I wouldn't know if I didn't try.

- when I finally stop putting pantaloons over your undies (because skirts and dresses are all you will wear), please remember to keep your legs crossed or knees together. Let's keep this goal throughout college too, okay?

- be a good friend.

- remember I am only human and I will make mistakes, not many, but a few.

- remind me that you are human and you will most likely make mistakes.

- when I offer to teach you how to sew or paint or do needlepoint or how to make gravy, pay attention. I promise, you will thank me later.

- if you don't want to learn the above things from me, learn from your Oma - she does it all much better anyway (except gravy, totally my thing).

- I have girlfriends now who will be there for you later, because they love you already. Go to them when you won't come to me.

- be kind, be kind, be kind.

- surround yourself with good friends. Good friends make you a better person, choose carefully.

- your brothers will defend you and look after you, do the same for them.

- your dad has been smitten with you since you entered the world, use this power for good not evil.

- if you don't ever wear a lot of makeup, you won't ever need a lot of makeup. Less is more.

- smile a lot, smile smile smile.

- your Grandma and aunts are good examples of Southern Hospitality, follow their examples.

- know that losing an election in jr. high or not making cheerleader doesn't mean to stop trying out for things. If you want it, work hard. If you don't get it, the work is not a loss.

- college is about a lot more than academics (sorry, but true). Make wise choices, but grow and have fun. Oh, and study hard.

- read, read, read.

- get good grades in school, participate in a lot of different extra-curriculars, be involved, kindergarten through college.

- I love you, always, no matter what.

- share share share.

- be kind to your family, especially your brothers.

- ask questions, lots of them.

- be the kind of person that others admire and look up to.

- don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't special or lovable or fantastic.

- don't ever tell anyone that they aren't special or lovable or fantastic. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

- find what you are good at.

- be kind, be kind, be kind.
These are things that I have to remind myself to do, but since you are young, they will catch on more quickly. Love you love you love you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Love a Mother Week

My mom never liked Mother's Day. Why should we treat her well and give her special attention for that one day a year? I think this is her reasoning, and now being a mother I can see it. Why not do gratuitous acts several times a year? A week? A day? Gifts? I would take as many as you throw at me (if they are exchangeable or just what I need is best, but I am not picky). So, while I see her logic and agree with it, Mother's Day is here to stay. It is here with it's sticky, perfect homemade/school made lovelies. It is here with all of the commercial cards and gooey-ness that surrounds.

My kids are what makes Mother's Day. Let me share some kiddie treats I have gotten recently:

Just 5 minutes ago, Caroline came downstairs and said in her wonderfully staccato sing-songy voice, "You are downstairs, I want you upstairs, I need you, I love you MOOOOOOOM!"
I wish you could hear it, I want her cute voice on my iPod so I can replay it any time.

Eli came home from a friend's house and told me we are making a club. "What kind of club?" I asked. "A club where we are all members - me, daddy, Caroline, Joey and of course you." "What do we do at the club?" I asked. "We read books, we eat dinner, lunch, we play Uno..." "So, our house is kind of like a club?" I noted. "Yes, but our club is outside, we need boxes and blankets and pencils and papers, and since you are the mom at the club, you get to help us do it all because you are the best," he says with a sly smile. So we now have a club and everyone can be a member. Come on by.

Caroline loves to do what I do, which is a scary thought. So we garden together, cook together, walk together, argue together. I love it. Last night she crawled into our bed. I felt little arms wrap around my arm and squeeze it. I woke up and smiled at her and she gave me a kiss on the arm.
I love it and hope that it continues forever.

Joey talks to me all the time. He mimics his siblings and when they laugh, he laughs, when they scream, he screams. And, Eli adores him. I love being their mom.

Eli came to me 5 minutes before the sitter was coming, "Mom, my tooth hurts."

"I know, it is loose, but it isn't ready to come out yet so just leave it be."

Two minutes later, "Mom, my tooth broke! Look!"

"Holy Cow E, you have lost your first tooth," I say, tearing up a bit.

"Mom, what is wrong?"

"You are just growing up, you aren't my little boy for much longer."

Later that night, he tells our sitter, "Marlee, you have to get my tooth and put it back in, my mom is so sad. She will feel better when my tooth is back in."

I love that Eli lets Caroline tag along whenever he has friends over. I especially love that when they help me deliver things around the neighborhood, they have to do it while assuming different identities (this time Princess Zelda, Mario and Sonic) and have to carry swords to fend off the enemies on the way to the door (notice Caroline's sword, at the ready, behind her).

I have a great husband who contributed to this this motherhood thing and look forward to our walks around the blocks with the kids.

And even though some days I think that it is too hard and some days my patience is lacking, I am a lucky gal, May 11th, or any other day of the year.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Boutique Scramble

The boutique week is coming up. I am so excited, I am in a new venue. The ladies seem lovely, the other artists are wonderful. Here is a sneak peek at some of the plaques. Some of them make me giddy.
Here is the link to all the information: The Queen Bee Boutique

Sorry the pics are a little sub-par, I think all the varnish is making me a bit loopy and a bit lazy about the pics - hopefully I can get some better ones before they go in the show.

I have done about 30 welcome plaques and have added some whimsical wall hangings, about 10, that I think would be great anywhere in your house, the pear ones would be so cute over the sink in your kitchen. They all seem to brighten up the place.

And yes, I still am in love with birds. I tried a bunch of different breeds, this Polkie Bird, rarely seen in the wild with it's baby, made a rare appearance. I hope they all go to good homes.