Monday, May 26, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week

It has been a while since my last etsy eyeing post. But with Joey napping, Dave and Caroline (who has some nasty sneezes going on) watching/sleeping through the Bee Movie and Eli off playing, I get to peruse.

After Joey fell - quick update, no real change, he is trying to use his left arm a little more but it still doesn't hold when he tries to crawl but he is sort of grumpy at times which makes me think something hurts (I think that is probably a good thing) and pretty dang funny the rest of the time - I saw this on etsy and LOVED it, so I bought it along with an add on charm with all my kids' names. You need to check out Amy Cornwell's shop, great items in there for yourself and gifts. I can't wait to get it.

I did another apron swap and since I am not sleeping super well lately have been able to finish the apron. I decided I wanted to sew more and I really like sewing for Caroline. I found this pattern from that darn kat's shop and will probably order it this week, it will be my reward for getting a few things done and out of the way. Plus, Caroline is still only wearing dresses and this will look so cute on her.

And since I probably won't get a whole lot done, I would love to have C wear this. I love the contrasting fabrics, the fun play with layering. It is the Emilia Combo Knot Apron dress from Sweet Birdie , so cute.

And along that same line, I love the clothing in Byrdie Clothing . This tie would be so cute on baby boys or tots. And the dresses in the shop are delightful.

I saw this All Day Tote from Charm Design is so handy. I love the fabric used, the versatility, the design, all brilliant. The designer is a stay at home mom with two kids and still has time to make these great bags. Lots more in her shop.

I love a shop that has cool clothes for both men and women. The graphic designs from this couple are so breezy and new. They design and print clothing, art and furniture. I like this wrap because it would have been perfect last night as we sat out on our lawn talking to neighbors for a couple of hours. After a while, it got a little chilly and I would have loved to have this on. I also like their designs for guys. Check out Ahpeele's shop.

I would love this antique/refashioned dress by Larimeloom. It is so beautiful, so feminine. Oh, I am in absolute love with it. She also has handspun yarn that is beautiful.

And on my "I want this, who want to give it to me" list is this beautiful pink flower lamp. I think it would look so good in Caroline's room. Notice how I never look for clothes or decor for the boys? I will have to do something about that. Zig and Zoe also has some beautiful alphabet canvases. Bright, bold colors and gorgeous graphics.

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julie said...

thanks for including my lamp! i also love the sweet birdie dresses and the aphalee t-shirts (they are in my favorites)!!