Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sassy Swap

Yesterday was a crazy day. Caroline had a recital (I'll post later), then we had a punchneedle class at my house. During that time I got a box in the mail, it said Sassy Mail on it so I assumed it was my apron but I couldn't open it then so I put it aside. The day just kept going and I kept not opening it. I saw it again right before bed and had to open it. I gasped out loud (aren't all gasps out loud?) and hugged it to me. It was so like a '50s movie. I couldn't believe this

and here is another view (the first color is the closest match, I just couldn't take a picture that would show the whole embroidery or do it justice)

and here is the full apron

and lucky me, it is reversible.

I love, love, love the apron by Yetta. She put so much thought into it, it is totally personalized, my embroidered children have initial on their clothes. I'm still giddy about it. Thank you so much Yetta for sharing your talents with me. Caroline and Eli thought it was quite wonderful, too.

And, tomorrow I will be sending this one to the land down under. I wasn't able to see who my gal was, she doesn't have a blog, but the theme is summer and I love this old print and these colors make me think summertime. Strawberry reds, greens and pinks. I added yo-yo's to it for some fun. I hope she likes it.


Beth J said...

What cuties!!! I had a couple of pet bunnies for a while, and they were adorable, but they were all real chewers. Had to go to some pretty extreme lengths to keep cables away from them! (and now I have rats instead...)

Beth J said...

Oopsies! Wrong comment, wrong blog!! I'd meant to say... What wonderful aprons! I love them both!!! ;-D

Sharon said...

Wow! They're both so lovely! Lucky you!

Lisa said...

Your aprons are gorgeous. Are you the model? Gorgeous too.

List Mama said...

Wow! What a lovely surprise!! I don't know the whole story. Maybe you expected to receive an apron, but who could have guessed it would have your children on it.

Thanks for stopping by List Mama Blog. Keep entering for a chance to win each day. Thanks!


Jenny said...

Lovely Whit - and great to see you modelling. Nice to the see the whole you. By the way my book group has chosen to read Twilight this month on your recommendation. I had to nominate 4 books and they chose that one. Your influence is reaching far and wide.

Oliver Rain said...

The apron is lovely. I love the little details. Yetta was the swapper that I made my apron for. She has such a lovely eye for details.