Sunday, June 22, 2008

So, since I am an out and proud blog peruser, I want you to see some of the things I have seen as of late. One of my favorite artists on etsy is Elsita and I also love her blog. I found this today on her blog about this other shop and the story behind it. I love how heartwarming it all it.

If you are ever wondering where you can see a lot of beautiful work from artists of etsy all compiled into one post, look here. Lots of great favorites on this post.

Over at Posie Gets Cozy, she recently reviewed a bunch of books that she has read. Since I love everything about her site, can't wait until her own book comes out, I am sure that these books will be great reads and I am on my way to the library site to start reserving them.

If you are looking for a yummy menu, look here. And look at the game that her kids are playing, in the post below.

I always like visiting Anna Maria Horner's blog. She has a new line or two out of fabric, she has five kids, she has been on Martha Stewart and recently just got back from interviewing her. I like how much energy each post has, lots of sincerity, lots of love and lots of bright colors. I admit it, I have a huge crush, blog or not, on this gal.
After reading her blog, I am ready to go back upstairs, apologize to E for getting mad at him for making mud, to Caroline for making mud and to Joey for getting mad that he found the mud. Not a big deal! Mud shmud. But mud mixed with 3 days of headache and 3 days of no change in normal activity to alleviate the headache makes me a monster and I am going up to apologize to all for it.

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