Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fluttery Tummy and a Giveaway

Ok, I am going to do it. I have toyed with this idea for a while now and have decided that I want to do a giveaway and the thought of it is giving me a fluttery tummy. I know, all 8 of you readers have a chance to win. I have recently hit the 21,000 reader milestone and since my birthday is on the 21st of some month we are going to celebrate.

I am going to give away a punchneedle patterns to 3 lucky people. You can choose which one. You say you have never needle punched before? No worries, you will learn quickly and become addicted right away. It is kind of a soothing needlecraft, if you ask me. You can take a look over at our etsy store and see the patterns. So here are the rules:

*you can leave a comment with which pattern you would like to receive, but make sure I have a way to contact you, either through your blog or an email address

*you can email me at piccalillitoo@gmail.com, please write "giveaway" in the subject line and include which pattern you would like

*you can blog about it on your own blog and get another entry, just email me the link

I will choose three lucky people on Tuesday, June 24th, and will notify you then.


Miss 376 said...

I have never tried this, but looking at your picture brought back memories. When my mum died, there was a piece she had done with her craft stuff. I never even knew she had given it a try. It in the pile of projects of hers that I have to finish. I'll get there one day

Through the Looking Glass said...

Oooooh - don't know that I'm capable of this kind of artistry, but willing to try! I think "Belle of the Ball" is just darling. I think this needle-punching is that raised stuff that's soft and on pillows and associated with the older gals...right? Beautiful.

Lacey said...

I have spent my entire life wishing that I would find a creative bone somewhere in my body -- I wouldn't even know where to start with this but I think they are amazing! Are you sure creatively challenged people can do this? I too love Belle of the Ball -- stick me in your lotto!

Anja said...

Oooooh - Never tried it but I'm more than willing to try! I think "Belle of the Ball" is just darling.


Michele P. said...

I have never done crafts, but want to learn, and if you say it's easy-I believe you! I like the daisy pattern...