Thursday, June 12, 2008

visual catch up

here we go:

Last month I finally convinced Dave that we needed a playset. These are the inaugural swings.

Last month while playing with friends, Eli took Joey down the slide and I of course wanted to capture it for posterity. It didn't occur to me to stop them at the bottom before they both flew forward, but it turned out ok.

We had some friends of the kids over and I had heard that Caroline's friend E had dance offs at her school. I asked her about them and she told me to turn on some music. It was pretty awesome.

Eli had the annual school fun run. I think it was about 1/2 a mile too long to be fun, this kid is a sprinter, not endurance.
I took a couple of pics after and asked Eli's friend (below) to smile like he does when he sees Joey (he loves him), this is what I got. I told him he could no longer smile that way at Joe, it was a little disturbing.
Caroline had her spring recital. She danced to the Mary Poppins' "A Spoonful of Sugar" and "Let's Go Fly a Kite". Dave knew all the words to every song at the recital, so did I but how cool of a dad that I had to refrain him from belting out choruses?

Here is Oma, Caroline, me and Opa waiting for the recital to start.

First up was "Spoonful", I didn't get any good shots.

Here is Caroline waiting once again for the next set.
She has the dance fever now.
The picture below doesn't look anything like her, very odd.

Can't you just feel the wind pulling the kite to and fro?
Eli's last day of kindergarten. It as a great year, he had an amazing teacher and he keeps saying, "I bet Mrs. G. misses us all so bad."

Joey is trying to bulk up, luckily he is loving vanilla pediasure. Maybe we will see some legitimate chubbiness on him soon.

Caroline's first dental appointment. And her first cavity. But she was a great patient.

Joey had his first "real" haircut (I had buzzed his hair 3 times last summer. I can't stand uneven baby hair, you know, the patchy, rubbed off, 3 inches randomly sprouting baby hair? So Dave made me promise not to cut it anymore, until now.)

He was not too happy. You know he is the third when I can laugh and take pictures and say to the lady, "Just keep going, he'll be fine." What is even worse, I haven't taken one of the finished cut. Eli came home and looked at him and said, "Joe, your haircut is handsome." It was very cute of him to notice, in between playing here and there.
And, if any of you are looking for a good shower gift for someone having a girl, I picked this up at a used book store. I think every mother of girl's should have one. They'll thank you in six years, I promise.


Through the Looking Glass said...

I loved everything about this post: Your swingset is so awesome - I've seen it in person and it's ten times cooler than ours. Caroline looks like a young Jessica Alba - which is interesting because I also think she looks like you; so, you look like Jessica Alba (see how that works?). Lucky you!

I recognize that little boy as the one who slammed the door in my face - good to put a face on him again. And last, I am 100% behind you on two things: Uneven baby hair (weird - cut it already, people) and little girls who dress like skanks. I am anti-high heeled boots and mini skirts and shrugs that show tummy. Ew.

Paige said...

What's even weirder are the pregnant twelve year olds at my school that dress like skanks. Please people..cover up and lower the teen pregnancy rate. and stop drinking the water at my school. You'll get pregnant. On another note, I am totally coming to take Caroline and keep her. Then will I look like Jessica Alba?

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

The kids look super cute - my favorite of course is the dance off picture! And poor Joey, that hair cut face will have to be shown to girls that come over in 15 years. Your dad looks super thrilled at the recital by the way :) But I think that is cool that your parents get to come to all the big and little things that happen with your family. Maybe someday . . . haha, my dad would love it!

karey m. said...

caroline's eyelashes? gave me chills. you've got some beauties, for sure.

i love peeking in on family pictures, don't you?

Josie said...

Could your kids get ANY cuter?? I think not. Caroline's recital looks like a dream come true!! She is so sweet and beautiful. Funny thing - in the pic that you don't think looks anything like her, she looks EXACTLY like you!!! Eli is so dang funny - and Joey is going to beef up in no time - pediasure is a skinny kid's mom's answer to a prayer. Did that make any sense? Josie loves it. And Joey's haircut - you DID need a Flobee after all!!
PS: papasitos is the bomb
PPS: i will call you to set up our date!

Jenny said...

i LOVE your photos and your kids are just gorgeous:)