Monday, May 12, 2008

Me, 27 years ago
Caroline, this week

Seeing these two pictures shows me how fast it all goes. C, You will be an adult before I know it and there are some things that I want you to know. I am sure I will think of more each day and as you grow but here are a few on my mind

- read the original Nancy Drews . I don't know how good the newest ones are, but those yellow hardbacks kept me reading for hours on end.

-you are beautiful and smart and many other wonderful things, but none of those things entitles you to anything that you don't work hard for.

- you are all of the things above but that doesn't mean that you should ever be anything but respectful and kind to those around you, everyone.

- have a good sense of humor, learn to laugh at yourself.

- shoes that are uncomfortable in the store rarely become comfortable after you buy them.

- just because it is on sale doesn't mean you need it.

- try all foods at least once. I didn't like Root Beer until a few years ago, and I still don't like pudding, but I wouldn't know if I didn't try.

- when I finally stop putting pantaloons over your undies (because skirts and dresses are all you will wear), please remember to keep your legs crossed or knees together. Let's keep this goal throughout college too, okay?

- be a good friend.

- remember I am only human and I will make mistakes, not many, but a few.

- remind me that you are human and you will most likely make mistakes.

- when I offer to teach you how to sew or paint or do needlepoint or how to make gravy, pay attention. I promise, you will thank me later.

- if you don't want to learn the above things from me, learn from your Oma - she does it all much better anyway (except gravy, totally my thing).

- I have girlfriends now who will be there for you later, because they love you already. Go to them when you won't come to me.

- be kind, be kind, be kind.

- surround yourself with good friends. Good friends make you a better person, choose carefully.

- your brothers will defend you and look after you, do the same for them.

- your dad has been smitten with you since you entered the world, use this power for good not evil.

- if you don't ever wear a lot of makeup, you won't ever need a lot of makeup. Less is more.

- smile a lot, smile smile smile.

- your Grandma and aunts are good examples of Southern Hospitality, follow their examples.

- know that losing an election in jr. high or not making cheerleader doesn't mean to stop trying out for things. If you want it, work hard. If you don't get it, the work is not a loss.

- college is about a lot more than academics (sorry, but true). Make wise choices, but grow and have fun. Oh, and study hard.

- read, read, read.

- get good grades in school, participate in a lot of different extra-curriculars, be involved, kindergarten through college.

- I love you, always, no matter what.

- share share share.

- be kind to your family, especially your brothers.

- ask questions, lots of them.

- be the kind of person that others admire and look up to.

- don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't special or lovable or fantastic.

- don't ever tell anyone that they aren't special or lovable or fantastic. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

- find what you are good at.

- be kind, be kind, be kind.
These are things that I have to remind myself to do, but since you are young, they will catch on more quickly. Love you love you love you.


Melissa said...

What sweet words to say to your daughter. very sound advice for all of us. She looks like a sweetheart.

Paige said...

I hope Caroline can come to me someday, cuz I already love her. I hope she can come with me for long periods of time. I love love love her.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Whitney, thank you for this. I want each of these words for myself; they are true whether you're Caroline or Amanda - whether you're 5 or 32. These also reveal parts of you I don't know as well as others and make me want to know more about you, even after all these years. Thanks for this, really it's beautiful.

Lisa said...

What a lovely message for your daughter. You really cover it all in such a caring way.

Josie said...

True words of wisdom from a smart lady and best mom ever!!! Caroline is so lucky.

Charlie Cooper said...

Wow I love this post. I just got finished reading "the Last Lecture" where the author gives advice to his children to read when they have grown. This exact topic has been on my mind for a few days now. You have such great insight and wisdom for your young age (ha ha! we are still 18 right?) I also wanted to thank you for bringing the delicious dinner tonight. Britton loved being the chef and ate half of his own pizza. Thanks for your insights tonight as well. I love the different perspective. -Love Angel

karey m. said...

very nice.

i tried to make the same kind of list for mine, but this one so covers it all...

linds said...

love this post, thank you for your insight and words on wisdom. i hope to someday share some of these thoughts with my little lady. caroline is lucky to have you as a momma.

Roxey said...

Beautiful post! I had to comment on this (as well as the breastfeeding post!). You have some amazing insight. Thanks for sharing it.

amy m said...

The resemblance is crazy and such a sweet photo of your Daughter. I loved your advice to her and I'm sure so will she.

Jenny said...

Do you think Emma would realise if I just cut and pasted your thoughts for her! Really what's the point trying to do it myself when you have said it all so perfectly. (May have to edit the cheerleading and election bit as we have neither here in Australia and she may think I've gone mad)