Thursday, May 8, 2008

Love a Mother Week

My mom never liked Mother's Day. Why should we treat her well and give her special attention for that one day a year? I think this is her reasoning, and now being a mother I can see it. Why not do gratuitous acts several times a year? A week? A day? Gifts? I would take as many as you throw at me (if they are exchangeable or just what I need is best, but I am not picky). So, while I see her logic and agree with it, Mother's Day is here to stay. It is here with it's sticky, perfect homemade/school made lovelies. It is here with all of the commercial cards and gooey-ness that surrounds.

My kids are what makes Mother's Day. Let me share some kiddie treats I have gotten recently:

Just 5 minutes ago, Caroline came downstairs and said in her wonderfully staccato sing-songy voice, "You are downstairs, I want you upstairs, I need you, I love you MOOOOOOOM!"
I wish you could hear it, I want her cute voice on my iPod so I can replay it any time.

Eli came home from a friend's house and told me we are making a club. "What kind of club?" I asked. "A club where we are all members - me, daddy, Caroline, Joey and of course you." "What do we do at the club?" I asked. "We read books, we eat dinner, lunch, we play Uno..." "So, our house is kind of like a club?" I noted. "Yes, but our club is outside, we need boxes and blankets and pencils and papers, and since you are the mom at the club, you get to help us do it all because you are the best," he says with a sly smile. So we now have a club and everyone can be a member. Come on by.

Caroline loves to do what I do, which is a scary thought. So we garden together, cook together, walk together, argue together. I love it. Last night she crawled into our bed. I felt little arms wrap around my arm and squeeze it. I woke up and smiled at her and she gave me a kiss on the arm.
I love it and hope that it continues forever.

Joey talks to me all the time. He mimics his siblings and when they laugh, he laughs, when they scream, he screams. And, Eli adores him. I love being their mom.

Eli came to me 5 minutes before the sitter was coming, "Mom, my tooth hurts."

"I know, it is loose, but it isn't ready to come out yet so just leave it be."

Two minutes later, "Mom, my tooth broke! Look!"

"Holy Cow E, you have lost your first tooth," I say, tearing up a bit.

"Mom, what is wrong?"

"You are just growing up, you aren't my little boy for much longer."

Later that night, he tells our sitter, "Marlee, you have to get my tooth and put it back in, my mom is so sad. She will feel better when my tooth is back in."

I love that Eli lets Caroline tag along whenever he has friends over. I especially love that when they help me deliver things around the neighborhood, they have to do it while assuming different identities (this time Princess Zelda, Mario and Sonic) and have to carry swords to fend off the enemies on the way to the door (notice Caroline's sword, at the ready, behind her).

I have a great husband who contributed to this this motherhood thing and look forward to our walks around the blocks with the kids.

And even though some days I think that it is too hard and some days my patience is lacking, I am a lucky gal, May 11th, or any other day of the year.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Well that 's just lovely! I am so glad I got to see your littles the other day. They are every bit as precocious, sassy and cute as they seem on your blog. Your life, Mother's Day or not, seems perfectly perfect.

P.S. I love my door hanging, and my mom loves hers too! I keep getting compliments and I refer them to you!

Paige said...

I want a door hanging Whit...Your life does seem perfectly perfect. I want to steal Caroline. Have I ever mentioned that?

whitney said...

That is the good thing about a blog, I can accentuate the positive and pretend that I can do it.

Maureen said...

Some days it IS too hard, and we wonder why oh why...but the patience comes and so much joy.

happy Mothers' week to you.

Meghan said...

perfect. love the little things. i have my days where that is all i am hanging onto to get me to the next morning... your kids sound darling.