Thursday, February 26, 2009

Break Dancer

Last week, Joey fell down some stairs. Not too many stairs and no one saw him fall (if a kid falls and no one sees him, does he really fall?), so we aren't sure how he fell, landed or how hard he hit or where. Since then he has had a bit of a hitch in his giddy-up.

Finally on Monday I took him in to see the Dr. (this after Dave telling me "he's fine..." a million times). The doc checked him out thoroughly and could see the limp that I was talking about, but the kid had not quit moving once while we were in there so it was difficult to tell if anything was wrong. He told us to wait until Thursday, the latest day that we could cast a broken bone, and if he was still limping we would go get x-rays.

Obviously, he was still limping this morning. X-rays showed a buckle fracture in his right tibia. Cast at 4pm, a little frustration learning how to move around and by 6pm he was tearing through the house again. His knee is set at a 30 degree angle and his toe is pointed, but he is doing well. He was pretty darn good during x-rays and great during the casting. And no, I didn't choose his cast color, it was just fate that it is the perfect shade of red.


leandparkermakes3 said...

Poor buddy! I'm glad he did well through the x-ray! I am loving the cast and his cute little smile!

Miss(Michelle) said...

Oh that poor boy. Riley has not quit talking about it...she wants to see his broken leg...I guess a Valentines cast will just have to do...we are coming with Sharpies in hand to bejewl the thing. Oh speaking of that...we glued a few jewls on MTV's cast many years ago...should we do that too...I also have some boa that would be fab.
Can't wait to hug that poor baby and don't listen to my brother anymore...mothers intution thing is always best.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Seriously, THAT is the kind of angle I'm talking about! How come we didn't get the 30' angle rather the oh-so-easy-to-maneuver 90' angle instead? What a champ - love the skeleton baby leg he's rockin'. You're absolutely right, though, it won't slow him down at all. Four weeks?

whit said...

I'm so emotional about it - that I let it go so long without the xray. Duh.

Mis, no bling on this cast. Drawings, names, but no bling and NO boas.

Mands, I was pleasantly surprised with the angle. They said that I would have to go to an ortho. specialist to get the waterproof one, so we are doing spongebaths.

I am going to glue some grippers on the bottom of the cast so he stops slipping on the tile and hardwood. What a champ.

Jessie Anne said...

I let Katie go like 3 or 4 days and have heard tell from many a mother who did the same thing, Besides I know it is really Dave's fault,you would have taken him in sooner without all of that nay saying. business ;) Chances are that they would have waited "for the swelling to go down" anyway. By the way I went to the U to get Katie's waterproof cast - you were misled my friend. Further proof that my theory of a few experienced moms are better than a Doctor (usually).
I hope little Joe Joe is ok and that he is not too miserable!

Charlie Cooper said...

Oh, I can't believe it! I talked to you on your way to the Dr. but really never thought anything of it. So sorry for both you and Joey. Sounds like he's doing OK, cast and all. What a Champ!!!

Natalie said...

What a trooper! Uh-huh fate....instead of boas and blings what about a u of u decal...too bad it's not blue, I know where to get the cougar!