Saturday, February 21, 2009


All too often I think this blog should be named "Caroline, the Only Person In Our House" because, frankly, I write about her all the time. I don't know why. Maybe because 3 - 4 year olds say the funniest things, she is a sparkler, she hangs out with me all the time - maybe all three and possible 10 more that I didn't mention. But really, first came Eli. He amazed and amazes us on so many levels. He is so many things and I'll brag another day. He isn't home much anymore. It never occurred to me that first grade is the end of a major era. His teachers will now see him more than I do, his friends have him all day (but not enough according to him), he is a BIG kid. I miss him. And, the camera is often an afterthought when he is home, poor, undocumented child. Although, I will say, he is the first and most well documented baby in our house - give and take, right? Enough wallowing.

Remember that day, long ago, last fall, when Eli's 2nd tooth came out? Want to refresh? Here. The scream is still piercing my brain. Months ago at his dental appt. (I'm sure I've written about this) Dr. told me, "Great two more loose teeth." Eli had know about these two loose teeth but didn't want us to know because if we didn't know, they weren't really loose and they would never have to come out. Logical? Months and months of me sneaking wiggles here and there, going in while he is dead asleep and prying open his mouth to wiggle and finally today we get a call from Eli while he was playing with a friend. It's out.

Tears, crying, asking Eli what is wrong.
Tears, crying, fell out while jumping on the tramp. Put it back. Why did Soli knock it out? He didn't. I didn't want to lose another tooth.
Tears, crying, do I still get a big pack of Pokemon cards? (I had told him that if he lets me pull it, I would get him a big pack of Pokemon cards, I'm a sucker) No, E, I didn't pull it out, you only get a small one. Tears, crying. Ay-yi-yi. 3 teeth down, what feels like 700 more to go.

One reason I miss Eli so much during the day is how he is with his brother and sister. I will be honest, he is a tease, he gets that from my brother Chuck. He teases Caroline sometimes mercilessly, but he is the go to guy at our house. Caroline and Joey adore him. He and Joey never fight. They play, they wrestle, they laugh, they cheer. Eli is patient and kind to him. They hug, they are affectionate. It is great, since there is a huge gap in age. He and Caroline do all the same things, just with a bit more whining.

E's favorite new food it broccoli. As long as he doesn't know that I put some butter and lemon juice on it, we are good to go. He wants it for a bedtime snack. What? I'll take it. This kid has not been an easy one to feed. And now because she sees E eating it, Caroline loves it, Joey always did, but now he can steal more off of E's plate.
Did you notice the shaggy hair? Eli said he wants to grow his hair out, which hasn't happened since he was 3. Not because I don't love long, shaggy boy hair but because it is so thick it goes crazy and then we actually have to tame it.


Natalie said...

Such a cute post. What a great example and big brother...the perfect child to have first!!! Loved Caroline's Valentine hair do!

Meghan said...

love it. sweet tribute. he is beautiful by the way. and i understand. ryan rules our roost - and to think i thought the twins would steal his thunder....
ps, i bribe ry with edemame. i hope it lasts.