Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Almost there

I really don't love January/February. They suffocate me. I think I can get through the winter until December because you are busy with the holidays but besides a couple random holidays, what good are January/February? Put me in a deep sleep and bring me around again in March. But then you have days like today. Ahh.

Saturday the kids were in shorts and tee shirts (ok, just E, but the others were without jackets), playing in the crusty, left-over snow. Today, barely any snow and I GARDENED!!! No really. I happen to live next door to a man who is meticulous about his garden. And he was out there, so I am a follower and got out my garden tools, rakes and buckets and pruned and cleaned and man, it felt good. I swear my cheeks are a little pinker now. I was able to cut back my clematises (or clemati, what is the plural?), clean up the flax I didn't cut back before winter, rake up old leaves, breathe really yummy air.

And, there are the tips of spring flowers peeking through. Ahh, again.

It was good to get out and do it now. We will probably have a few more weeks of cold but at least I have 3 or so gardens cleaned up, some prep work done and I'm a bit more cheery.


katie t said...

today was WONDERFUL!!! it is so nice when the kids can go play basketball and ride their bikes outside!!! i know that it'll end tomorrow but atleast i got a day of it, right?!? :)

Jenny said...

Whitney I can't believe you have snow where you are!!! I find it astonishing and fabulous. Here it has regularly been hitting the 45 degree mark (113f) and bushfires are tearing through our state. A lovely big dump of snow is exactly what we need here! Enjoy.