Saturday, February 21, 2009


I might be the last person to have seen Slumdog Millionaire. My heart is still aching. Since I have become a mother, I can't watch shows that show anything having to do with the mistreatment of, violence towards, tragic illness affecting a child or children. I spent the first 1/2 of the movie wanting to leave, my face in my hands because it gutted me. It wasn't anything but realistic, unfortunately. You know when you have so much emotion wrestling inside of you? I can't really write what I mean here, take what you can from it.

But so well written, so well acted.

And although I have a love/hate relationship with movies that make me feel this way I loved the story, or the outcome of the story, or the portrayal of this story. This boy has nothing but goodness in him, even when life has been nothing but horrid to him. I'm not going to summarize the movie, but I loved that aspect of the show and think there are people just like him - good to the core. Hope in a body.

And holy cow, that Freida Pinto is stunningly beautiful.


Paige said...

Loved it. But you're right. She is beautiful. And I am obsessed with dance they do at the end and love the music. I loved the m.i.a. song in it. I love that song anyway, but it was perfect for it.

Through the Looking Glass said...

So good, so powerful, and I'm still thinking about it. A great night.

katie t said...

will you all go see it again with me?....(pssst...i haven't seen it)