Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be-lated VDay posting

Valentine's was fun - making it fun was the wall of love, which the kids don't want to take down, but has not been added to recently, the kids getting more into valentine cards, a fun date with Dave and another couple (yes, we didn't go out alone, it was more of a group effort and fun).

On the Friday before, for Caroline's VDay party at school, I thought I would get all fancy and do something with her hair. I saw the idea for it here. I had to watch a VIDEO to figure it all out and couldn't even do it then. I'm not a master of hair styling, kudos to those that are. Caroline loved it (even though we were late to school because of it, so embarrassing) and we had to do it the next day too.

Dave left out of the blue Saturday morning to head to, where else? Costco. He had seen this post and took me up on my advice. The best part was that he brought back a bunch of red tulips for Caroline. She said, "Oh Daddy, you are the first boy to ever give me flowers!" Followed with a big hug and smile.

I'm not big into Valentine's as a romantic holiday. I love it as a kid's holiday - although, Eli and Caroline came home with enough candy to rival Halloween, what is up with that. In any case, I hope all had a great weekend. And how about a heart shaped strawberry? Caroline was in heaven!


Through the Looking Glass said...

That hair is insanity. Seriously, a video? You are officially a better mother than I. This sealed the deal.

Paige said...

Wow. That is perfection. Caroline with heart braids. I am in love. I'm so not that creative and you are amazing. It looks just like it is supposed to. Not usually my luck.