Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wall of Love

I spoke yesterday about a new Valentine-y thing I am starting. I'm sure it is a totally unoriginal thought and frankly, way out of my emotionally sharing league, but here it is. I went to the scrapbook store with Caroline yesterday. She chose all sorts of red and pink cardstock and we used several die cuts in shapes of hearts, large enough for us to write on.

When we go home, Caroline and I talked about why she loves Daddy, Eli and Joey and I wrote it down for her on several hearts. I did some from Joey and I too. Eli loved to read them when he got home and at dinner we talked about how there will be a spot where they can get a blank heart and write down why they love each other, or something special about a family member, or friend. Then we will tape it to the wall (using a paint/low tack tape, so it won't pull of my butter cream paint). Hopefully we can fill up the whole wall by Valentine's day.

Here is Caroline's first love letter to William. William and Caroline are two days apart in birth, same hospital, same doctor and they are buddies. Caroline often has us write letters to her friends or grand-parents, which are too funny for words. But I walked up this morning and saw this heart for William (Dave was the scribe), who she is playing with today. I would not be upset if she married Will, or any of his brothers. And if she is willing to be a monster for him, love is sacrifice, isn't it?

I am going to add to Wall of Love how much I love Joey going through my box of Raisin Bran and eating all the raisins.


LC said...

Whit, you are so dang cute. I love this idear and I will steal it maybe next year when J might get it. I am also LOVING Joey eating those Raisins looking so much like his namesake!!! HC!!
PS: Totally buying one of the printables from below - I had no idea they had these on Etsy - - nice find!!

LC said...

Oh PS: How could I not comment on the sweetest valentine of the century - I am dying over CW's love letter. I hope you keep it and frame it instead of giving it to William.

katie t said...

uh, can i steal that idea?

no...i am stealing that idea! :)

Hogans said...

Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing. Your kids are darling. Love the Joey smile eye squint and all! Hope you guys are doing well.

Angel said...

What an awesome idea! I love that it makes you put in writing the things you forget to say. I think I need to start this too.