Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It is an historic day. And the day is about a man that ran on the idea of "change". Inauguration days really bring about a sense of anticipation, hope, excitement and change. Here are some of my thoughts.

Whether you liked the man or not, agreed with his politics or not, I think we can agree that Former President George W. Bush quite possibly had the most difficult job on the planet. This man was the leader of the free world. This man made decisions, popular or not, he felt were in the best interest of the nation. The man was lambasted numerous times throughout the last 8 years, justified or not. Watching him today, with the grace in which he passed the proverbial baton, made me admire him as a person. I was impressed with the dignity, warmth and poise both he and Laura Bush showed to the incoming First Family and others.

I am also impressed with President Obama. This is the beginning of a new presidency. He has brought hope to many people in this nation. He has the opportunity to bridge divides. He, no doubt, has the nation's best interest in mind. He wants America to be great. But it isn't just him that makes America great, it is each American.

These things were running through my mind:

I hope that we can each criticize less and support more.
I hope that we can point fingers less and hold hands more.
I hope the we can see each other as Children of God, not just Americans, and not just Mormons, Muslims, Catholics, Black, White, of Japanese descent, of Mexican descent, male, female, Repulican, Democrat and everything in between.
I hope we can do less tearing down of one another and more service to one another.
I hope we can show more respect for each other's opinions.
I hope we can be proud but not boastful.
I hope we can show kindness to someone everyday.
I hope we can teach each other positively each day.
I hope we can do random acts of kindness, not only for strangers but for those in our homes.
I hope we can be more tolerant of each other.
I hope we can be more open-minded and yet not be wishy-washy.
I hope we can have less violence and more peace.
I hope we can be less of the problem and more of the solution.
I hope we can teach our children all of these things and give them sense of self so that they can be the future strength of this nation.
I hope we can be dignified.

And really, instead of "I hope we can..." I should be writing "I hope I can..." because the change that everyone is looking for should really start with me, as an individual. Do I think as a nation of millions of people, of all different races, all socio-economic levels, of millions of different personalities, that we can make a change for the better? To use a commonly spoken phrase, Yes we can.


Raydar Love said...

well said. the only amendment i would make is that instead of seeing each other as americans, can we see one another as humans? earthlings? children of god?

i don't know what to expect with prez o in office, but there is no question that this indicates we have elevated as a society.

and there aint no doubt i love this land!!!

katie t said...

that was one thing that i got last night from all of the "specials" that they had on tv last night...."that ONE voice, ONE man CAN and HAS made a difference".

yeah...i just wrote a past on that. i shed some tears last night for bush. i can not even imagine wht is going thru his head right now. i'm just glad that they did a welcome home party for him last night in TX. i am sure, no i know that this has had to have been very hard for him too.


yes. i agree with your list. lets do it!