Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally, Christmas.

We had a great Christmas. We tried to keep it pretty low key, but it was still overwhelming for me - I don't know why. I did that gift thing, Want, Need, Wear and Read, I referenced it in a previous post somewhere. I think it worked rather well, I can definitely improve upon it next year or tweak it a bit. I also need to rethink my co-gift giving relationship with Santa - does he do all the gifts? I mean, it is his spiel. What do you do?

We set out cookies and milk for Santa the night before and we set out water for the reindeer, and luckily Rudolph had some because his nose always colors the water, which is extra fun for the kids.

It was nice to be in our own home doing our own family things for this Christmas, though we have fun when we are away. Oddly, I was the first one up. I heard a big bang around 6:30am and found out later it was our shed door that had been blown open, but thought it was some Christmas morning robbers. In any case, I couldn't go back to sleep. The kids didn't get up until just before 8 and we had to go and wrestle Dave out of bed - not our usual morning routine.

The kids had so much fun. Santa brought them what they wanted, Eli got his new Nintendo DS, Caroline loves her electronic keyboard the most (we love it most of the time), it has a microphone and she has made up some great songs. Joey was so much fun but would have been happy with only a couple of cars - he got those and a little more. I got him a Cabbage Patch newborn because he loves to push Caroline's dolls around in a stroller so I thought he could have his own. Cabbage Patch Kids are hard to choose. Why? Have you read their birth certificates? Who comes up with these names? I am not going to publish any of them here just in case you have always wanted to name your child ____, but really? My CPKs from when I was are named Roberta Marilyn and Theodora Candy - why I can remember their names I do not know, but still, doable names, memorable without being outrageous. I had to search to find one for Joey (I realize you can change their name, but I just can't). Finally I found Herschel Elliot, he was just right.

All in all, a great holiday. Oh, but I am just remembering the sick. Joey, still, almost three weeks later, throwing up at least once in the middle of the night, usually averaging 3 (SUCKS!!!), Dave and I both sick, but still having to function - so yuletide gratitude for functioning. Lots of time together, family, down time, fun.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Loved this retrospective. I know exactly what you mean about The CPK names. I had a Percy Hugh. Percy? Did he spend his teen years in a locker?

Max was watching over my shoulder as I read this post and said, "Hey, that's Eli." Totally remembers him. Let's get them together soon.

katie t said...

i agree! who comes up with these CPK names?
i will say for as obnoxious as the names are...we all still remember them. so maybe that's what they're going for?

i still remember my twin newborns...priscilla and pete :)

Angel said...

I also remember my first CPK- Piscilla Ruby. I alway thought it was fate because Ruby was my grandmothers name. Your kids are so cute in their Christmas jammies.

Angel said...

I also love their Christmas outfit picture.

Natalie said...

Your kids are too cute! Looks like a fun morning...what? you were the first one up, let me know how that works! Where did you find the CPK? I haven't seen them forever!