Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have it right now because I have let Caroline loose with paint, stickers and paper. Joey is sleeping (for about 4 minutes and 54 seconds longer) and I haven't done the dishes from lunch. I was checking out some blogs (because I had 11 minutes and 14 seconds until the baby calls) and ran across this article that stephmodo brought to my attention. Thanks stephmodo, or whatever your name is, too funny.

What do you think of the article? Genius-y.

I am posting this picture taken by Paige, again, because a) he is waking, b) it makes me feel warm and c) because I think she needs to come take more.


Paige said...

K. It's a deal Whit. I will take more. I can photograph your dreamy children all day long. That article made me laugh. My grandma actually asked Tiana one day what she does all day. So that is our big joke. Stay home moms don't have anything to do.

Through the Looking Glass said...

I read this too and I laughed because I guarantee that more people than would admit think this exact thing about SAHM. Bottom line: Yes, we do everything you working people do, plus we grow people, plus we bring said people everywhere to do everything, plus we don't get to shower until after 10 a.m..