Friday, February 13, 2009

Now what?

I had no idea this lady was from right here in the Valley! I've heard of her, who hasn't? How do you think she feels after the happenings of this weekend?

I hope health wise she is well. How did she get around with those nails? And now, life without nails?


LC said...

I feel really guilty that I was secretly so relieved that those nasty things are history - but 1979??? That's her life's work. I think I should be giving those nails a moment of silence rather than smiling to myself at their demise.
PS: Love the new blog - I am not so smart and thought my posts weren't working, so you probably will have multiple from me.

Miss(Michelle) said...

Who knew she was living under our would think people would see that scary thing out.

I am glad those 10 extra apendages are gone. I bet she can button her own jeans better...or pick her nose or whatever else ails her.
Did you get your pic in the mail????

Jessie Anne said...

I'm wondering if those nasty things were the cause of the wreck! I have a hard time with a cell phone! Ewe!

Dave said...

What? How can she tie her shoes?

katie t said...

i had no idea that she lived here!!! i'm glad that those nasty things were broken off!

of course those are the only people from utah that are shown on msnbc....