Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tooth Hell

Eli has had his second loose tooth. All was good until his shark tooth came up and lodged the other tooth into being "un-loose". So for the past six weeks (maybe longer) we have been wiggling his tooth daily (with much opposition from him). Yesterday, on our way down the canyon we hear this blood-curdling, someone-just-cut-my-pinkie-toe-off-and-is-threatening-to cut-off-my-ring-finger scream. I whip around, "E, what happened?"


Put what back in?"


He had put something in his mouth and it had somehow pulled his tooth out.

More screaming.
"PUT IT BACK! I DON'T WANT TO GO TO TOYS'R'US (I had told him that if he let us wiggle and get the tooth out we could go and get a Pokemon at T'R'U, I am not above bribery)!!!!"

More crying, me turning around and biting my fist I was laughing so hard. I told him that we can't put it back in.

BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAMING!!! Mouth as big as the moon.

Since I was dropping Dave and Eli off to a father and son camp out, we decided that we would save the tooth for the fairy for tonight. Dave lost it. So I had to put his other tooth in it's place.

Eli, "Dad, where is my tooth? Oh no, I shouldn't have said that word." He said this while shaking his head sadly.

Dave, "What word?"

"Tooth. It makes me sad, we can't say it anymore."

Me, coming into the room with the replacement tooth (good thing I kept the creepy thing) and showing it too him. He looked at it for a good 2 minutes, I thought we were sunk, it does look different from the one that came out yesterday.

Me, "Here is your tooth."

Eli, "We can't say that word."
"What word?"


"It makes me very sad. Will you please tell the Fairy (notice he did not say tooth) that I would like to keep it?"

"Keep what?"


"Ok, I'll send the message."

"Will I still get money?"

the view yesterday was so pretty!

Tonight, I told the kids to stop running with suckers in their mouths. Caroline stops short, turns the sucker around, puts the stick back in her mouth with the sucker not in her mouth and says, "Can I run with the stick in my mouth?"

This may lead to more loose teeth

Did you know that when I type "tooth" this many times, it begins to look as though I spelled it wrong?


Through the Looking Glass said...

I hope the Tooth Fairy keeps her mouth shut, for Eli's sake! My dad used to pull my teeth out with pliers; I don't even think they were all that loose to begin with.

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

Talk about drama! I remember being worried the first time a lost a tooth but Eli had it bad. This post cracked me up, I even read it to Mike, I think Caroline's sucker solution was his fav.
Oh and like your friend - pliers have been in my mouth.

karey m. said...

AAAARGH! do you know how much i mean it when i tell you that this post stresses me out with sheer glee?! it's like we're in it with you...well written..well lived.


Josie said...

#1: Poor E - sounds so traumatic! You are seriously #1 mom for having an extra tooth just hanging around. Geez!
#2: You look like a pro wakeboarder - Wakeboarding crashes hurt more than anything - like hitting pavement!
#3: We need to plan our Phoenix trip ASAP.