Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Self Portrait of my Beautiful Kids and Fantastic Home

I think everyday there is a post on a blog about why they post, or oddly, why they don't. Is blogging self-centered? Sure, it can be. Is it a little like "look here, at me, and my smoothed over, sugary, bright side life!"? Sometimes, but aren't we supposed to make lemonade out of lemons? And maybe their life is really that peachy. Is it sometimes a "look what I have done" or "my kids are cuter and smarter and more agile than yours!"? Yeah, but I have done something and want someone to see it and my kids are pretty awesome, although I am sure that yours can swim faster. Is it sometimes a bitch and moan session? For me, yes. But who else to better vent to than someone who is faceless (so I can't see the pitying glances), can't interrupt me until I am finished, and frankly, when someone else does it I like to read it to know that I am not the only one who can be frustrated.

I also like to blog so I can give little shout outs! Like this one,

My husband is pretty amazing. He helps me fold laundry, he puts up with my unintentional eye-rolling, he makes Daddy's Favorite Noodles for the kids, he likes to be hugged and he is handsome. Thanks honey. This is my blog, I can brag all I want.

If people didn't blog how would I know what my friends are up to? I love their updated pics, I love seeing what their kids are up to, what they are doing, and I admit I like seeing who they are blogging with. I've admitted I am a virtual voyeur (blogs only people).

I like to look here for a laugh and a dose of my kind of reality, I go here and here to see what I wish I could add to my life (I mean, I wish talent wise and energy wise and admittedly coolness/fame wise because frankly, my life is pretty T-riffic this would just be icing), here and here to see fun, crafty/sew me some things (actually if you look at my links off to the left, I look very regularly at the sites over there), I look here because she has such nice things to say about everything, I look here and here because the first sister is a witty gal and the second sister has a lot of super things to say about her family (in a way that I am trying to be more comfortable with expressing myself) and now unfortunately, to check updates on the condition of the second sister. I read now to be inspired by the the faith and optimism that this family is expressing in this time of trial. No self-pity, just love and faith. That is also why I look here, because for months, so many of us have cried, cheered and been in awe of how you guys live everyday. By the way, Coop has had to do something cool like make a new sound, so update already!

Blogging, as I have said before, has reconnected me to so many, allowed me to find new friends, let me express myself in my often ridiculous way. I went here last night and milk came out my nose when I was reading her reprimand all of us lazy bloggers. I also head there to see her photo site, she is the gal who took these beautiful photos.

Others' blogging helps me find new things, read new perspectives, give me perspective, laugh, ooh and awe, smile or just sit and relax a bit. I think the blogging world is pretty cool. It helps me remember I am not alone, we are all in this together, and I can waste some looking at what others are blogging about. And I really don't mind if sometimes it is a little egocentric, we all should be sometimes.

art provided by linzie hunter


Meghan said...

love it. and i say "ditto". i'll keep blogging my booring-ness if for nothing else than my blog book, and reading others to help me feel normal, and learn how to be a better wife/mom/worker/me.

The Begleys said...

Thank you for giving a voice to my thoughts. Well said.

Through the Looking Glass said...

me too to everything you said.

Paige said...

You are the I go to your blog to see my little bff Caroline and all your amazing little crafts. I'm sorry milk came out of your nose. That must have hurt. But I didn't really want to expose our secret spot. It did sound like we were lesbian lovers, but you know what I mean. Our indulgence...