Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is...

This week's "This is..." (a meme by the very talented Three Buttons, and one I have hardly participated in, but need to do it) topic was chosen by The Bird Bath (great blog, by the way), it is "This is how I like to spend my weekend".

So many different ways. For instance, this weekend Dave took Eli on our ward Father and Sons campout, so after I stopped holding my breath when they got home, I went and got my hair cut. My gal has been on maternity leave, so it has been about 4 months since I have had a trim. And then some yard work, some badminton with fun people, some Olympic action. Yesterday we spent time up in the mountains before the guys went camping. We four-wheeled, froze while tubing the river, breathed fresh air.

Last weekend, we went boating with Dave's sis and family. Ever since I had kids, I have been a wuss. I have never had kids that fall asleep where ever, whenever, so doing fun things during nap time or bedtime with kids, isn't fun - really. Not convenient equals not much fun. But, I did it. I missed Joey's nap so we could cross counties and wakeboard in some water and mud. It was so fun! I wakeboarded for the first time in 7 years (back not conducive to boarding, risky business) and got up within seconds, stayed up for a while and fell so hard 2 1/2 times. Brain rattling, and it felt so good.

So, I guess, the way I like to spend my weekend (but don't always get to do it) is some recreational activity, reading, being pampered, family time, going out with friends, gardening, lazying about. Whether I get to spend my weekend the way I like is another story. I hope your weekend was good.


Through the Looking Glass said...

FUN weekend! Your dream weekend is pretty much mine as well. Except, maybe I'd make mine 80% pampering, 10% shopping, 10% kids. (Ooops, is that bad?)

Good for you and the wakeboard, but i so get the wuss thing after kids. I used to be fearless, and now I waterski and snow ski like a grandma.

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

Before Annabelle was born I was a fairly fearless snowboarder and since then I am really careful, there must be some kind of natural tendency to wuss out after kids. Is it because we know if we get hurt we don't get to lay around the next day? Or is it because we are constantly trying to create safe environments?
Whatever it is I'm glad you fought the routine.
I like your weekends.

Bird Bath said...

wowza! that looks fun....It has been years since I skid down the river like that.Yes it was BC, nowadays the weekends revolve more around the children :)