Friday, August 8, 2008

I love the Olympic Games.

I love choking up when someone who has put that much heart, dedication, will, strength into a sport wins. I hate seeing them lose. They made it all this way just to be blown out of the water? Or just miss it by hundredths of a second?

I really like seeing the Opening Ceremonies. Some countries have hundreds (the U.S. has 600 athletes, only 39 less than the host country) competing and some have only 3 or 4. But they qualified, they worked so hard to wear their nations colors. I also like to see what the countries are wearing for the Opening Ceremonies (did anyone see this week's Project Runway? They had to design an outfit for the ladies for the opening, some were quite interesting). How exhilarating for these athletes to feel all that buzz and energy. I know it is in China, I know there is some major world anger at this, but get over it and celebrate the athletes and their accomplishments. I don't know how many of them will care about the smog and injustice that is China for the next couple of weeks. How would it be to be an Olympic Athlete? Unbelievable I bet. Go USA!

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Meghan said...

amen. i love it too. i could spend every minute watching some personal interest story about a high jumper or something. and what about that 9year old chinese boy with Yao? wow. i almost cried.
and i DID see project runway (one of the only shows i watch these days). i am glad they stuck with Ralph Lauren designing the uniforms.