Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blogger Block

the kids decided to not smile for this picture, Caroline being the only one to pull it off

I have it. I don't know why. Wish it would lift. Any suggestions?

In other news, thank you to the lovely 6 foot 5 man with the lovely 5 foot 11 wife (6 feet really) who saved little Joey from taking a summer nights walk and swim in the front yard of our lovely verbacious friend and his cheery little wife with the smiley eyes. Thanks for the get together. We had a fantastic time tonight and I am amazed at how chill you two are. I need it to rub off on me.

To my verbacious friend and his cheery wife, Charlie is, in my eyes, making huge leaps. Since I only get to see him once or twice a month if I am that lucky, I may see more progress than what you might notice seeing him every day. For instance, I leaned down, gave him my usual three stroke nose greeting (this is mine, I dubs it, no one else use it, or else) and his mouth moved, his eyes widened and it looked like he was trying to talk. Then I leaned over and put my cheek next to his and hummed and he was humming (not necessarily in response, but maybe already doing it). This must be newish, right? He is making sounds! Different sounds. Kind of soothing, delightful, sing-songy hums. Oh I love this kid. My heart is jumpy just thinking about these little, maybe insignificant changes. I just popped over to your blog and after reading every third word while Rob got to the point, I read about Charlie grabbing your hand. I noticed this tonight also. He would squeeze my fingers. If I moved them, he would re-grab them. I also noticed that each time I came over to talk to him, he would be alert, changing his body language, acting like he was acknowledging the attention that was being given to him. He seems to be soothed by other things now too. Like I was just stroking his cheeks, or his arm, or his Rob-clone belly. He seemed to just be soaking in the feel of things. He seems very aware. Aware of his little friends running around him like whirling dervishes, his buddies applying all sorts of lip balm to his lip-balmed pouter, aware of the glee and joy in the air of these little kids who, I think, realize that are in the presence of a magnificent little boy. There is something about Charlie. The calm he creates in me, in others. I know it is easy for me to say, since I can just pop in and out, hold him and then leave, but thank you for sharing him with us. Although I hate the way it has happened, I am glad that he has brought us together in more frequency, because you, my smiley-eyed friend are priceless. And my 5 foot 11 friend, you are just as dear.

photo by caroline, both of them wanting to take pictures, they were both being goofy


Meghan said...

i do like you you've recently edited the weight. we all know how big a man he is. loved the post and love that you ladies reconnected. i know you are very dear to her and she loves the magic when you're together. love too that you notice the changes in that little champ. he is a champ

whitney said...

Meggie, I wasn't going to edit the weight because he repeated it to me a number of times. I would have put him at a solid 187.5. It looks good on him though, especially compared to that high school video that showcased his legs...

Through the Looking Glass said...

Aaaaw, you're nice. And forget about Joey (well, at least what happened) because Brandon and I have turned to each other more than twenty times and said in shock, "How have we become such oblivious parents?" I can't count the times my kids have ended up in the street in their underwear, gotten themselves in some dangerous situation when I was a stone's throw away, or as my post last week detailed, lost. It happens, especially when you get farther down the line in the kids. Just wait: If you have a fourth, you'll probably board a plane without him.

Saturday was sooo fun and Charlie is brilliant. I too ouldn't believe the changes since last month, and anyone who can bite me that hard must be pretty aware of how annoying my voice can get when I don't shut up.

You and A are peaches - glad to say you're my peaches, and I love our time together. And thanks for the trip down memory lane in the yearbook where I was given yet more proof that you are and A are darling as ever and I was the idiot trying to pull off the Demi Moore bowl cut in tenth grade. WIth braces. And a denim button-front shirt.