Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm still not over it

photo found here

A couple of hours ago, I went to certain retail establishment because they get new stock on Thursdays, which means they have TONS of plastic bags to recycle. Our school has a recycling program. When you bring, among other things, plastic bags to the school to recycle the money from them then goes to our ARTS program. I filled my car with 15 or so bags (so big, you can really only carry one, maybe two, at a time - not because they are heavy, but because they are bulky). I got to my son's school and this is how it goes:

I unload 3 at a time from my car, carrying them to the front door - 2 gals walks by me and some man that works at the school.

I then open the heavy outer door of the school and toss bags (15 - 20) into the space between outer doors and inner doors. The PTA president walks by me and says, "Don't tell me all those are from your house!" "No, I get them every Thurs. from this store for recycling here." "Oh." and walks away.

Then I throw them into the school hallway so I can carry them to the specific bag area. 2 more gals walk by me.

This whole process from the car to the appropriate recycle drop off takes me 5 minutes, with 6 people smiling as they walk out of the school.

I'm not saying that none of them were in a hurry. I'm not saying what I was doing was so important to our school that you should praise me and thank me for adding about $100 more dollars to our ARTS program, and I am fine if I had to do this all myself, especially when no one passes by. But since 6 people did pass by, for the love maybe HELP ME CARRY THEM IN!!!!

By the way, our PTA president is not fond of the ARTS program.

Rant over.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Lady, I've seen your frame up close and personal and can personally attest to your dead-lifting capabilities... those dogs! Help a petite thing out, if for no other reason than a) her personal sacrifice on behalf of her child's education, b) chivalry, and c) she weighs 98 pounds.

I would've carried you AND the bags.

Meghan said...


but hey, i've got bags. i can't throw them away. bags full of bags. i will leave them at you know who's house to pick up next time you three rendezvous.. i won't help you carry them though - you live too far away.

whitney said...

Mands, they were plastic bags full of plastic bags, not burlap sacks with 2nd graders in them, but you are right, I can't buy a muscle.
Meggie, lovely, thank you for contributing to my child's education.

Josie said...

You and your plastic bags are the bomb Whit - who can come up with a reason for not liking the Arts program?? Geez that makes me mad.

Natalie said...

what gomers! (can't even hold the door!) Leave it to you to find the perfect pic for this entry! Next time let me know, I'll even go with you to get the bags!