Tuesday, November 4, 2008


times infinity. This is how much I love this little girl. But that is only represented by a number, not by how much my heart bursts at the thought of her.

Caroline turned 4 yesterday. Four. I can't tell you how many people ask how we are going to fight off the boys for this little girl and I always think, "If they can figure her out, keep up with her, make her notice them, they may just earn the right to be near her", or something like that.

She is a ball of energy, a bundle of random kisses and hugs, the owner of words that make you laugh or cry out with exasperation, the sweetest little thing or the feistiest - pick your minute of the day.

We had a small little gathering for her, some neighborly friends. All she would say is that she wanted 100 things. "Some from the T.V., some from the book", (meaning Nick Jr. commercials or the Toys'R'Us catalog that came in the mail the other day) was her reply when asked what she wanted, but never specifics. I hope she thinks that is what she got.

She did get a little doll from my parents, she named it Ruby - this is one name that I wanted for her, so I am glad her little doll has it (and am quite glad that she is Caroline, it is perfect). She was thrilled with the day and even woke me up at 4 am this morning to ask me if it was still her birthday. She was up late, telling me that her animals and Ruby weren't tired so she couldn't go to sleep, they were keeping her up. I told her to go back in her room and explain to them it was a long day, so much excitement and they all needed their sleep. A little argument followed between her and the said animals, really. I heard her trying to talk them into sleep, but they came up with some very good reasons why they should all stay up and keep celebrating.

The other night, Eli and Dave were playing Wii Sports and Eli yelled, "YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?!?" to Dave, taunting him and Caroline followed it up with a very serious shout, "YEAH, YOU WANT A PIECE OF CAKE?!?". No one could stop laughing, we still can't.

Paige, I still don't know which of your photos is my favorite, I love them all. You have to help me choose. Or just come and take more and more, please?


Jenny said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caroline - You loked absolutely gorgeous in your Halloween costume! Those wings were amazing.

linds said...

caroline is beautiful. i love your description of her...what a great little lady.

Natalie Smith said...

Whit...you are such a great writer. Caroline is such a cutie...just look at those eyes, eyelashes, and that BIG smile....too cute! Sounds like she had a marvelous birthday!!!!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Oooh, I think I love her too! What a lovely. Happy day to her, happy day to you for making her, and happy day to us all that there are such lovely little girls out there from which my son can choose!

katie t said...

she is beautiful...really.

you are in so much trouble!!!

happy b-day :)

Josie said...

She is such a special little beauty. She is so funny and I think you're right about the boy thing - good luck catching her!!! She is lucky to have such a wonderful, adoring, talented mom. Miss you. xoxo.

Josie said...

PS: Hope that frosting turned out!

Paige said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love this little girl. She melts my heart every time I see her or a picture of her. I could take pictures of her for days and never get bored. Bless her little heart. Happy Birthday Caroline.

Miss said...

I DO WANT A PIECE OF CAKE...The Atkins thing is killig me...but all in the name of shedding a few pounds.

You need to come play Uncle Matt at a new Wii thing we have...Wii Fit. I am sure you can beat him the first time you play.

Riley loved Jungle Jims...although she was bummed she didn't get to play with Caroline. She said "I don't think she is my friend anymore...I think only Eli likes me." What is that about???? Eli didn't even look her way. So how is he her bud?
Hmmm...if I could only figure out a 3 year olds brain.
Happy b.day CW

Tiffany And Co. said...

She looks just like you!

Corrie said...

oh happy birthday , what a gorgeous little girl she is!!!!