Sunday, November 16, 2008


Color. I love it. It is why my living room walls are kelly green, my kitchen is yellow, my pink shoes never match what I am wearing. I love that Joey's eyes are very dark brown, Caroline's are medium brown and Eli's are somewhere in between - Dave and my eyes both somewhere in that spectrum, too. All brown. I am grateful for the color in paint that has helped me finally complete this project. I am grateful that I can look outside and not just see black or white. My favorite colors are orange and pink. I could wear them each day, dress my kids in them each day. And I want a turquoise piece of furniture somewhere in my house soon.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Why did you not mention Caroline's yellow furniture, which I love, and secretly covet? What is this lovely to the side that you made?

Paige said...

I have a turquoise chair that I found at an antique store and it is my fave. I need to break away from one color. Turquoise threw up in my house. I am dying to see your house by the way. I am coming over during the holidays. Get ready.